Santorini | Greece Travel Diaries

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Sharing the last post from Greece featuring Santorini. Santorini was our last destination in Greece; after this we flew back to Athens as we had our flight to Paris (post coming soon) from Athens. Santorini is one place I was the most excited to visit, thanks to all the gorgeous pictures on the Internet. We kept our stay a very relaxed one in this beautiful Greek island.


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Look book | Transform From Work to Dinner

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I rarely do look book kind of posts where I share stories about my outfits and transforming them to another looks. There are times when I go for dinners or random coffee dates after work with my girlfriends and find myself struggling to look venue-appropriate. My work doesn’t allow me to accessorise much with my looks so at times it becomes really formal an affair, and you know when you are meeting your girls the last look you want is formal. So today I thought I will share how I recently transformed my look from work to dinner.

Look Book_Work to dinner

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Delphi & Meteora | Greece Travel Diaries

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Heylo everyone! How are you all doing? As promised, I am back with another post from the trip, this time it’s Delphi and Meteora — two of the most popular ancient sites and destinations of Greece. Both of the sites are located a bit far from Athens, in the central Greece. There is a great amount of history and importance associated with these two sites. Although many people try to cover these two places in one day but that is very exhaustive. We did both of these in a 2-day trip and I don’t recommend doing these in one day.

Delphi Meteora

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