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  • Five Good Things #2 | Personal Diaries

    Five good things

    Happy Saturday you all! How are you spending this long weekend? I have so many plans and things to accomplish, but first let’s talk about this week’s five good things. Five good things this week: One of our really good friends was in Bangalore this week for a few days and this ensured we had […]

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  • Monthly Favourites | August

    Monthly Favourites

    Hey everyone! I will be sharing my monthly favourites every month with you guys, including beauty and non-beauty loves. This is my first ever post of this category, where I am sharing my monthly favourites from the month of August. Over the time, I may also include favourites reads, films, music etc. as well but for now […]

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  • TISS Deep Off Oil | Review

    TISS deep off oil

    Today, I am sharing one of my favourite cleansing oils—TISS deep off oil by Shiseido. I have tried couple of products before but nothing has been on repeat. This one is from Tokyo and availability is an issue but that doesn’t stop me from loving it. I keep on asking my Indian friends to bring this one for […]