10 Last Minute Cards to Send out This Valentine’s Day

10 Last Minute Cards to Send out This Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day / Galentine's Day to you all!

Valentine’s Day is literally here. I know so many of you must be still looking for ways to make your loved ones feel special. If you are like me and prefer personal and expressive gifts more to material gifts then you are covered. Valentine’s day and the traditions related to it differ from person to person, some like to celebrate it by lavish dinners, some like to dress up for this special day, some prefer a home night with home food, some like exchanging hearty gifts and for some, a personal touch is what matters the most.

I have always loved giving cards to my loved ones on special occasions. As a means to express my love, gratitude, happiness and all other emotions. Naturally, greeting cards are my preferred gifts to receive as well. Letters and greeting cards really show the receiver how much you value them in your lives. Now, of course, we can share our feelings by simply being vocal but the way letters and cards touch someone is nowhere closer to vocals.

If you are also with me on the greeting card wagon then you’ll love this post. I am sharing 10 of my favorite last minute greeting cards to send out this Valentine’s Day and have an excuse to show your loved ones how much they mean to you.

10 Last Minute Cards to Send out This Valentine’s Day1. 10 Things I Love About You - ThePaisleyFive | 2. You Make Me Happier Than - PebbleCreekStudio | 3. You are My Favorite Human - WeAreKVCreative | 4. You Are My Person - alexazdesign | 5. Thanks for Always Being There - bybrieg | 6. I'm So Glad We Swiped Right - TinyForgetMeNots | 7. Calligraphy Rainbow Card - Designsbyameliarose |  8. I Only Have Eyes For You - printabold | 9. You're My Boo - BeccyKittyDesigns | 10. Moonrise Kingdom Card - elisemareetrickey

Which one would you choose to send out to your loved ones? Share your favorites with me in the comment section, I'd love to know! 🙂

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  • I loved two cards especially which was the following: ‘I’m so glad we swiped right’ and ‘You make me happier than sleeping in on the weekend. I think they are both adorable and perfect for last minute Valentine’s cards.

  • Amber Nelson

    I really like the “I only have eyes for you” card. That is so cute! I love how many options there are these days. These are great ideas!

  • Marceline Dementori

    I love it! I think it’s awesome to be able to send adorable Valentine’s day cards to loved one. It’s really going to make them feel special.

  • David E

    Those are some beautiful Valentines day cards to print out for your loved ones. I know my loved ones would appreciate it.

  • I like these cards. The “I only have eyes for you” immediately made me start singing the Flamingos song. lol

  • What great cards, I love cards with a bit of humour to them x

  • Komal Patel

    Thes Card’s are great! In especially love the “you are my human” so sweet!

  • These are all so cute! I think a card can go a long way cause it’s such a simple way to show you care.

  • Hannah Denton

    There are some amazing cards! I love a good card, it really showcases your personality and emotions! Love!

  • Erika Lancaster

    Thank you for sharing these! Greeting cards are underrated! I love that you’re able to write in them and actually give a personalized and meaningful gift!

  • Oyibo Ugbo

    Lovely message.. was hopping to see romantic love messages but those are way better because they are not meant for any specific person.

  • Ridima

    what amazing and easy ideas are these. The best part is you have linked them all…so its even easier for me to find the best ones 🙂

  • Fearlessly Oma

    These are the cutest greeting cards. I like to send them out to my girlfriends. They love them.

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    So many great card choices for Valentine’s Day! I did not get anyone a card this year. I completely forgot.

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