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Hey my beauties! Today I am sharing my 15 summer must haves with you guys. Why now, you say? Well, it's summer here at the moment. This is my first January of summer, so I thought let's make it better by sharing my must haves with you. 15 Summer Must Haves

My summer must haves is a mix of face, body and general care products that I like to keep with me during summers.

  1. Sunscreen. This is an absolute must, be it any season. During summers, the visits under the sun increase and hence it's super important to keep your skin protected from sun damage. Make sure to have face as well as body sun protection.
  2. SunglassesAgain, this is necessary to keep your eyes open while out in the sun. I can never step out with my bare eyes, it gives me headache. How is it with you? If you are a sunglass lover, then check out this post, where I have a coupon code for you.
  3. Flats. I am a summer person. Over the years, I have made peace with winters but throughout the colder months I wait for days when I can't ditch my boots and covered shoes for a pair of open flats and let my feet breathe the fresh air.
  4. Shorts. Who doesn't agree for these to be a must have? These help you cope with the heat, look smart, feel comfortable and if you are like me and live in your denims, then these are a perfect season-appropriate alternative.
  5. Clay maskAnother saviour for my skin. I have combination skin that gets really oily and shiny in the T-zone leading to a plethora of acne. What comes to rescue is a good clay mask with some added benefits like this one. It has oil-balancing properties that helps maintain my skin's oil levels and helps in keeping the acne under control. What mask do you prefer for controlling the oily bits?
  6. UmbrellaAnother sun protection means. I am all about dancing in the sun but at the same time I like to keep my body protected from the damage the sun does. A good UV and rain proof umbrella is a must for me all year. I always carry it in my bag and use it if it's too sunny to walk or there's a sudden downpour.
  7. Blotting papersOur skin tends to sweat a lot to balance the chemistry of our body. It's easy to wipe off the sweat anywhere but if you have makeup on then it becomes tricky. These blotting papers come in handy then, they just take off the access oil and sweat while leaving your makeup in place. Do you use blotting papers?
  8. Hair serum. Due to the heat and exposure to sun, our hair strands loose their healthy texture. A good nourishing leave-in hair serum comes to the rescue of your hair. Definitely a must have. Do you use hair serums? What does your hair care regime look like?
  9. Razor. You really thought I missed this? How can I? I prefer the on-the-go razor to keep in my bag for those accidental skips and misses here and there.
  10. Water. Of course, everyone know this, but it would be so unfair to make a list of summer must haves and not include hydration for your body in it.
  11. Hair tiesAs much as I love summer, I hate loose, oily, unmanaged hair. It's so irritating for me when my hair go out of control and are flying everywhere. I like loose hair when it's not windy or I have a ton of hair setting spray on, which is rare, so what I end up doing almost all the time is tying my hair in a ponytail or better a knot. Hence, hair ties are a must for me.
  12. Deodorant. Okay, I don't need to put in words the need to keep fresh from bad odour at all times. Which is your favourite deodorant of all times? Do you prefer spray or roll-on?
  13.  Tinted lip balmI do not wear makeup everyday. Summers give me more reasons to stay away from that many products on my face and go bare minimal. In such times, a tinted lip balm does its job of nourishing my lips while leaving a tint doesn't hurt either.
  14. Moisturiser. Be it face or whole body, keeping it nourished is super important. As we sweat, we loose a lot of moisture from the skin which needs to be replenished. Hence, moisturising is really important and this adds to my summer must haves. What's your go-to moisturiser for summers?
  15. Refreshing face mist. A refreshing spritz of freshness on your face is all you can ask for on a hot and sunny day. Specially when you have your make up on and you can't really afford to splash some water straight from the tap on your face. Do you keep face mists in your bag? Which one is your most preferred one?
What are your summer must haves? Or, what are your must haves for winters? Does your must have sliest looks similar to mine? Share your must haves with me in the comment section, I'd love to see what all I missed or can add. 🙂

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