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GuacamoleHello everyone! Recently, when I was not posting anything on my blog, I was doing a lot of hosting business as we shifted to a new apartment and you know the house-warming and all related stuff. 😉 One of the things which I prepared to have with snacks esp. wafers was guacamole. It is by far one of the few ways I like to have avocado, rest I have no liking as such for this fruit plus this is a super quick and easy preparation. Let us go through the ingredients:
  1. Avocado, deseeded & scooped - 1
  2. Tomato, deseeded & chopped - 1/4, optional
  3. Lime juice - 1 tbsp
  4. Garlic, crushed - 1 clove
  5. Chili sauce - 1 tsp (you can totally skip this if you don't like chili sauce)
  6. Cilantro, chopped - few sprigs
  7. Salt - a little extra than your taste as avocados are really bland
  8. Green chilies or jalapeno - 1/2 or 1, depending on how hot you like it
Method: Take a large bowl and scoop out the avocado in it. Mash the avocado with a fork, till the time you get your desired consistency—smooth or chunky. Add the lime juice to it and mix. Adding lime juice is a very important step or else your guacamole will turn brown. Add tomatoes, crushed garlic, chili sauce, green chilies and salt and mix everything. In the end add cilantro, mix, and your guacamole is ready to be served immediately with some nachos or tortillas or wafers, whatever you like. Be sure to serve it as soon as you prepare it or else it may get brownish over time. I hope you enjoyed the recipe. Do try this Guacamole and share your comments below. Let me know what all recipes would you like me to share. Thanks for stopping by and reading, happy cooking! Love, AS