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Must Try Cafes in Carnegie | Cafes in Carnegie | Places to eat in Carnegie
Must try cafes in Carnegie

Carnegie is a south-eastern suburb of Melbourne. This is one of the most sought after suburbs when it comes to cafes, eating joints, restaurants, etc. There are a plethora of options to choose from. be it for breakfast, lunch date, quick coffee catch up with your bestie or just a not-cooking-at-home dinner excuse, you'll find something. Today I am sharing my list of must try cafes in Carnegie.

Over the time, we have tried quite a few places from this suburb and I thought this is about time I should share the ones that became favorite or close to favorite for me with you guys. Keeping in mind that I am a super fuss-fry vegetarian, I can be happy with a restaurant/cafe even if it serves vegetarian food (after effects of living in Japan for ~4 years). Things might be a little different with you, you may want to try each and every dish off the menu multiple times, to give it the place of your favorite. But I can definitely assure you that if these cafes/restaurants are on my list of must try cafes in Carnegie, there is something special about these.

Now, let's get to the difficult part. It was really a struggle to pick just 5 places for this post, but I didn't want to overwhelm you guys with a long list of mine, let's save them for another post, shall we? Side note, I am an avid coffee/chai lover, so if a place serves good coffee/chai it already garners brownie points from me.

5 Must Try Cafes in Carnegie

  1. Huff Bagelry

Must Try Cafes

Huff Bagelry acquires the first position (not that I am stating these in any order) for their awesome coffee. This place makes incredible coffee (especially chai), I really have to struggle while passing by this cafe. Sometimes, even on weekends the Mr. and I would go for a light stroll with the wishful thinking of grabbing a cup from their to-go window. It was really hard for us initially as we would step out of the house late in the evening only to find this cafe closed.

Almost all the cafes in Carnegie close by 4:30/5:00 pm. I haven't really tried any of their food items as I couldn't really find vegetarian options but who am I kidding, I never looked past the chai here :D. This one is situated on Koornang Rd, where most of the cream cafes are with outdoor as well as indoor seating. The interior is simple with a bunch of flower paintings, comfy cushions, and minimalist tables.

ACCESS112 Koornang Rd, Carnegie VIC 3163

TIMINGS: 6 am - 4:30 pm (3:30 pm on weekends)

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  1. Cafe Del Mar

Must Try Cafes

This cafe was one of the few that we passed (while jogging 😉 ) so many times thinking is it closed permanently or if not what are the timings? It is located a little off the main street and I remember one day when we really put in an effort to go to this place on a Saturday morning just to feed ourselves. They make oh-so-delicious pancakes <3.  I chose the butterscotch pancakes and I kid you not those was more heavenly than I had thought! Good thing, it is a little off the main street and I do not have to pass by every time I go for groceries or to the station :D. This one has a huge space (indoor and outdoor), with earthy decor using bamboo and a lot of wood.

ACCESS235 Koornang Rd, Carnegie VIC 3163 

TIMINGS: 7 am - 4:30 pm (5:00 pm on weekends)

  1. Left Fields

Must Try Cafes

This one is a total star in the game of cafes. Located way off the main street and crowd area but still able to almost always have a queue outside is really what excited me about this place. It was when I dug a little deeper to know more about this place, I got to know that the team behind this café is the same one behind a number of very successful food joints in Melbourne. You have to try this place once (if you can) and see it to believe it. My suggestion would be to go with a little extra time on hand as chances are you might have to wait to get a table.

ACCESS358 Koornang Rd, Carnegie VIC 3163

TIMINGS: 7 am (7:30 am on weekends) - 4 pm

  1. Santianno’s Cafe & Restaurant

Must Try Cafes

Another one of the recent finds and favorites. This one has really interesting interior and decor with vintage (or really old classic) furniture, paintings, etc. All this gives a very cozy feel to this cafe. This one is a little-hidden gem in the market of cafes in Carnegie. It is located on the main Koornang Road but due to its decor/outdoor seating, sometimes it goes unnoticed. At least it did for me. But, that has nothing to do with the deliciousness they serve inside this cafe/restaurant.

I tried their pancakes that came with berry compote, caramelized pear, and vanilla ice cream. It was surely a trip to heaven if there is any. I also had their chai latte, which was freshly made, came in a teapot with whole spices and tea leaves. It was so good, plus the teapot actually holds more than a single serve, so if you like to work in a cafe or want to have a generous serving of chai latte then it's perfect for you.

ACCESS94 Koornang Rd, Carnegie VIC 3163 

TIMINGS: 7 am  - 5 pm

  1. Paradai Thai

Must Try Cafes

This one is an exception to the list as this is technically not a cafe but a restaurant. This, as you can tell by the name, is a Thai restaurant. I love Thai food, I am sure most of you are on my team on this. For me, there is something about Thai cuisine that is so comforting and delicious at the same time. This restaurant meets the criterion of fulfilling both of my needs in addition to giving a cutesy feel on the interior front. They give the most delicious coconut water and I believe it's natural, it comes with the cream too <3. The flavors in their dishes are so apt and leave you longing for the next visit already. Definitely, a must try if you love aromatic Thai flavors.

ACCESS75 Koornang Rd, Carnegie VIC 3163 

TIMINGS: 4:45 pm - 10 pm in addition to 12 pm - 3 pm for lunch on weekends (Monday closed).

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Must Try Cafes in Carnegie | Cafes in Carnegie | Places to eat in Carnegie

So that is my list of 5 Must Try Cafes in Carnegie. Have you been to Carnegie and tried any of these?

What's your favorite restaurant that you like to visit often, care to share with me? I'd love to know so that I can add your recommendations to my little diary of "Must Try's". Share your comments in the comment section below. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend y'all! <3

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PS: Please excuse the quality of images, these are clicked by phone. 

  • Now I am craving for some yummy pancakes and thai food! So here is plan for tomorrow Pancakes for the breakfast and Thai takeaway for dinner 😀

    • Hahaha, cravings are what keeps us alive! 😀 😀 Have a great weekend Pankhuri!

    • Haha sounds like me all the time. I love pancakes too and Thai food when it is cooked right is so darn good. Now I really want some pancakes! x

  • Now I am craving yummy food 🙂 Going to share this list with my friend who lives in Melbourne.

    • Aditi

      Thanks for stopping by Sangeeta! I hope your friend gets to try some of these. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Sangeeta! I hope your friend gets to try some of these. 🙂

  • Simply Apostolia

    Uhhh i would love a cup of coffee right now! I would totally go to all of them, if i would be anywere close to Carnegie, but sadly I’m living kinda far.. Anyway great post, and that Thai food looks so yummy!

    • Awe, let’s hope you get to visit super soon; maybe you can visit these then! <3

    • Me too! Coffee is life it literally keeps me going and I always find cute little cafes that do really good coffee that ya know is much better than Starbucks Lol x

  • Poop Poop

    I would love to give Paradai Thai a try when I have the chance to! Thank you for sharing very informative post!

  • Jhilmil Bhansali

    Both the pancakes looked awesome, just had the craving to eat it right away;). Would like to trai Paradai Thai as well some day.

  • Mohammed Raiyyan Shaik

    It looks super delicious! I would like to try each and every one of the above food! Gosh! I’m hungry 😛
    Thanks for this post 😀

  • arra carrasco-odeza

    Pancakes!! yum!! definitely a must try cafes. The pictures makes me hungry right now. I’d love to visit Santianno’s Cafe & Restaurant 🙂

  • I have never been to Australia but I have heard from friends that their food is really good. I like the sound of Cafe Del Mar!

  • Kim Gammage

    This looks so good. My other half went to Uni in Melbourne and he’s adamant that at some point we will move back and with restaurants like this on offer I am almost inclined to say yes!

  • Eliza Casipagan

    What a very good and helpful post. This is very useful specially for travelers who want to explore the food and place.

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    I will save this article for reference. We have not traveled to Australia, but we would love to! These restaurants look like lovely places to dine in. I will recommend them to friends or family who will be going on a vacation in Melbourne.

  • Santianno’s Cafe & Restaurant looks great! So does the Thai place! I would totally go to those!

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    Wow, Australia sure have lots of cafe. Will visit one of them for sure. Would love a cup of coffee. Now I am surely hungry. Great post.

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    I agree about the thai food! I have heard so much great stuff about Melbourne and they all say that the city is so vibrant with so much cafe and restaurants.

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    There are a lot of yummy places to go in Australia and these are certainly amazing, I’d especially like to try the Santianno’s Cafe & Restaurant, those pancakes look sooo delicious.

  • These are so amazing restaurants in Carnegie, but I was not knowing about them when I was living in Melbourne. Thanks for sharing as if in future I will go then will try all of them. Thai one looks really tempting.

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra VA

    Oh wow. The food looks so mouth watering! I can relate to your dilemma of only choosing 5 restaurants. I would have a hard time too! Thanks for the list of must-try restaurants in Carnegie. I will make sure I dine in each of them if and when I get the chance to visit Melbourne Australia.

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    The food looks so delish. I think I would like Cafe del mar the most. Now we have a few places we know we will get good food when we go to Australia.

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