Baked Cauliflower/Gobhi | Food Diaries

Baked cauliflower
Hey Everyone! Thinking of the inspiration for today, it clicked to me that few days back I shared a picture of this dish on my Instagram. Got the answer, so here I am sharing the recipe of this dish with you guys. This is a people-pleaser dish at my home, everyone loves it, plus it is one quick recipe that will make you go to the kitchen right now and cook it. But let me tell you guys, Baked Gobhi is not a dish for a very diet-conscious person, this is more of an indulgence that I think is OK once in a while. By the way, contrary to the name "Baked" it is actually not baked at all, yes, oven is not at all used for this recipe. Let me show you how, but first let's get started with the ingredients:
  1. Cauliflower, cut into mini florets—1 large
  2. Green chili, finely chopped—1, depending on how hot you like it
  3. Ginger, crushed—∼1/2 inch piece
  4. Milk, skim/full fat (your choice)—1/2 cup
  5. Full cream—1/2 cup
  6. Salt—as per taste
  7. Crushed black pepper—as per taste
  8. Oil—1 tbsp
Method: At first, heat a pan at medium-low heat. Once it is hot enough, add chopped green chilies and crushed ginger. Sautè them for a while and then add cauliflower. Mix till the time everything marries each other. Add salt and pepper and let it cook covered for about 5 min, keeping an eye so that the cauliflower doesn't burn. Once they are 80% cooked, add milk and full cream and cover once again. Check again after a minute or two, and it should be done by now. Serve in a bowl, season it with some more black pepper and have it hot with either chapati, rice, our favorite is poori, or you can also have it with some toast. Hope you guys liked this simple and quick stove-top alternative of baked cauliflower/gobhi. Please share your views in the comments below. Thanks for reading, have a great day. Happy cooking! Love, AS