Schezwan Sauce Recipe | Food Diaries

Schezwan Sauce

Hot Schezwan Sauce Recipe I am not the biggest foodie that you’ll come around but I have phases when I yearn for a specific food, cravings of sorts. While the temperatures have ceased to rise here, I have been particularly craving hot, spicy, and flavorful foods. Now, I’m also not the kind that would prefer […]

5 Must Try Cafes in Carnegie | Melbourne Diaries

Must Try Cafes in Carnegie | Cafes in Carnegie | Places to eat in Carnegie

Must try cafes in Carnegie Carnegie is a south-eastern suburb of Melbourne. This is one of the most sought after suburbs when it comes to cafes, eating joints, restaurants, etc. There are a plethora of options to choose from. be it for breakfast, lunch date, quick coffee catch up with your bestie or just a not-cooking-at-home […]

Gatte ki Subzi: Recipe With Pictures | Dinner Diaries


Gatte ki subzi recipe with a printable version of the recipe and pictures for each step to understand the process clearly. Gatte is a famous traditional vegetarian dish from the state of Rajasthan. It is made from besan (gram flour) dumplings in yogurt-based curry with an aromatic blend of spices. I made it a couple of days […]

Gujiya Recipe – Holi Special | Dessert Diaries


Gujiya is one of the most popular festive sweets made during Holi and Diwali. Of course you can make these anytime of the year and not just festivals. These are basically Indian empanadas with a sweet and nutty stuffing inside. While growing up, I never witnessed any Holi without these being made at our home, […]

Potato Stuffed Capsicum Rings | Food Diaries

Capsicum Rings

Today I am sharing potato stuffed capsicum rings with you guys. Who doesn’t love capsicum and potatoes? This is one of our recent loves and I have made it on repeat in the past months. Naturally, I decided to share this recipe with you guys as well. This is a really simple recipe that you […]