Gatte ki Subzi: Recipe With Pictures | Dinner Diaries


Gatte ki subzi recipe with a printable version of the recipe and pictures for each step to understand the process clearly. Gatte is a famous traditional vegetarian dish from the state of Rajasthan. It is made from besan (gram flour) dumplings in yogurt-based curry with an aromatic blend of spices. I made it a couple of days […]

Sabudana Kheer aka Tapioca Pudding | Indian Dessert

Sabudana Kheer aka Tapioca Pudding | Indian Dessert

Hi fellow foodies! Since I realised it has been a crazy long time I did a food post, I am sharing this super yummy and satisfying Indian dessert with you all today. It is Sabudana Kheer aka Tapioca Pudding!  Kheer is an Indian/Asian/Middle-Eastern dessert. It is basically made of four ingredients: milk, rice/tapioca/vermicelli, sugar and dry fruits. […]

Roasted Eggplants in Coconut Gravy | Recipe with Pictures

Roasted Eggplants in Coconut Gravy

Hello everyone! What’s cooking? 😀 Nothing much special with us, just another recipe that we are drooling over and enjoying like no one’s business. Today’s recipe is a very interesting take on our love-hate eggplants/brinjals. I never liked these much but I remember never hating them as well, actually blame it on my parents and grandparents. […]