Gujiya Recipe – Holi Special | Dessert Diaries


Gujiya is one of the most popular festive sweets made during Holi and Diwali. Of course you can make these anytime of the year and not just festivals. These are basically Indian empanadas with a sweet and nutty stuffing inside. While growing up, I never witnessed any Holi without these being made at our home, […]

Sabudana Kheer aka Tapioca Pudding | Indian Dessert

Sabudana Kheer aka Tapioca Pudding | Indian Dessert

Hi, fellow foodies! Since I realised it has been a crazy long time I did a food post, I am sharing this super yummy and satisfying Indian dessert with you all today. It is Sabudana Kheer aka Tapioca Pudding!  Kheer is an Indian/Asian/Middle-Eastern dessert. It is basically made of four ingredients: milk, rice/tapioca/vermicelli, sugar and dry fruits. […]

Banana Carrot Bread | Baked Delights

Banana Carrot Bread

Sharing this super easy Banana carrot bread recipe today. Not because I love bananas but I hate carrots alone, hence the addition of bananas to the bread. It is a slightly modified version of homemade banana bread! Let me take you to the ingredients for this yummy banana–carrot bread: Ripe bananas, mashed—1 cup (~2) Carrot, grated—1 cup […]