15 Free Things to do in Tokyo | Japan Diaries

15 Free Things to do in Tokyo

15 Free Things to do in Tokyo Tokyo is the capital of Japan and one of the most populous metropolitans in the world. Apparently, that brings enormous footfall to this BEautiful city. This city is buzzing with culture, tradition, modernity, and so many activities both free and paid. I always wanted to visit Japan since […]

Tokyo DisneySea | Top 10 Must Do’s

I am a Disney fan forever – I love Disneyland but Tokyo DisneySea is my ultimate paradise. When we moved to Tokyo, our first weekend was spent at Disneyland, and I couldn’t stop myself from going to that place and Tokyo DisneySea again and again. Tokyo DisneySea is a Disney theme park located in Chiba, Tokyo. […]

Life Update: Sayounara Tokyo, Japan


Hello everyone! A lot of you must have noticed my Instagram and Facebook feeds (if you follow me there) having throwback pictures of our time in Tokyo, Japan. We have left Japan for good and that’s the reason for the sudden drop. Last few months in Tokyo were crazy busy. We had friends and family coming over, then […]

Sakura 2016 – First in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

Sakura Yoyogi Park

Sakura! I know it’s late to post it now but I don’t want to skip this one. I went to Yoyogi Park couple of weeks back with my friend. Surprisingly, we saw few sakura (cherry blossom) trees before the forecast date. It was gorgeous to see this beauty before it was blooming everywhere. It was such a gorgeous […]

Dinner at Spice Cafe, Sumida | Tokyo Diaries, OOTN

Tokyo Diaries: Spice Cafe OOTN

Spice Cafe is one of our favourite restaurants in the Sumida area. Today, I am sharing my views on this place, my OOTN and some random pictures as the temperature dropped a little. As it was slightly better in terms of temperature and wasn’t humid I decided to wear my denims. It has been ages since […]

Hanabi [Fireworks, 花火] | OOTD ft. My New Shades by GlassesShop


It’s Hanabi time! Hanabi is a summer festival, wherein large and spectacular fireworks are at a show near a river; people come in large numbers and enjoy Hanabi from a park or a nearby area from where the sky and firework is visible. Every weekend there is something or the other happening and past week we […]