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I use Canon 700D to click pictures.


All the views expressed regarding the reviews of products are my own based on the results on my skin/body type; things that suit me might not suit you. These may differ from your views as we all have different skin/body type. All the pictures on this blog are clicked by me, unless stated otherwise. I express my honest views whenever reviewing something as I know it influences the readers a lot, I also read and follow certain blogs. Hence, you can be assured that what I share is genuine and only after I have tried and tested a particular product I share it here. I describe almost all the aspects of the product that I like or don’t like so that you can get a better idea about the product, but still in the end the final decision is yours.


I am not a professional nutritionist or from the culinary industry. All the recipes that I share here are made my me and all the pictures are clicked by me or else stated otherwise. All the food recipes that I post here are personal and eaten by me and my family, and did no harm to us (that’s why I posted them) so they are completely edible. All the ingredients are mentioned in all my recipes clearly, please go through them carefully in case you have any allergies to any specific food. I shall not be responsible in case you suffer from some allergy or other concerns for one or more foods mentioned in my recipe, so please check the ingredients carefully and look or ask for a substitute in case it wont suit you.


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