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I have been reading Five Good Things by many of my favourite bloggers for quite some time now. It's always so inspiring and interesting to read onto a little bit more of goodness and this inspired me to share some on my blog as well. I don't know how much can I keep up with this but let's give it a try. By the end of every week, probably Saturday or Sunday, I will apprise five good things that have happened with me during the week.

Let's get started with this week's five good things!

  1. We are currently exploring another lovely city - Bangalore. I am super excited to share my #Bangalorediaries with you all. Yesterday, we visited the Lido mall and the nearby area. There's nothing much exotic to do in Lido mall itself (just a couple of restaurants and supermarket). But they do have INOX, we saw War Dogs there. 😀 Have you guys seen it? 
  2. I'm working on new content for the blog and gearing up to click more pictures as my camera is going to be with me soon, yayy! (Side note: There was some misunderstanding while packing and I forgot it in Delhi 🙁 )
  3. My favourite product for this week has to be my Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ foundation. Due to the climate changes, my skin is again acting weird; I have got so many acne and a lot of redness that it's crazy you guys. But, as long as I have this foundation, I can manage. Although I don't wear makeup everyday but there are times when you want to look a bit more polished, this one really comes to rescue then.
  4. I am enjoying delish South Indian food almost daily. I love South Indian cuisine a lot, but there weren't many places to devour on authentic delicacies from this region in Tokyo; and Delhi always screams for its infamous chaats & momos & kathi rolls. Now that I am in the land of idli & sambhar & dosa, I gorge almost everyday 😀
  5. I am super excited with so many silk shops and jewellery stores that I am literally making a list of all the kinds of silk-related stuff, accessories, and collectibles I want to get. Those omnipresent handicraft stores also tempt me to the core. I think my temptation is even more as didn't have much access to these desi stores back in Tokyo and I really missed shopping like this. Wish me luck so that I don't get crazy with the overwhelming shopping desire in me! 😀

What are your five good things from the past week? Share with me, there's nothing like overdose of goodness, is there? 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping and have a great weekend!

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  • Pankhuri

    Hey we go to Lido as well for movies but post movie 1MG mall is always a good idea or brigade road or commercial street 🙂

    • Hey! I heard that too but we went for a late evening show so by the time we were out everything was almost shutting down. 🙁 But these areas are on my list, will go there soon 😀 xx