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Five good things
Happy Saturday you all! How are you spending this long weekend? I have so many plans and things to accomplish, but first let's talk about this week's five good things.

Five good things this week:

  1. One of our really good friends was in Bangalore this week for a few days and this ensured we had a marvellous start of the week. We visited couple of exciting restaurants (Farzi Cafe and Fisherman's Wharf) and had an awesome time.
  2. I am taking the #31DC2016 nail challenge this year and I am super excited about it. It lets my creative side come up and boosts productivity, which ultimately is the best thing.
  3. I have been working on modifying the blog for good, and, although, it is taking up a lot of time and efforts, I am really happy to see it coming in a better place than before. Did you notice the changes around here? What do you think about them? Your feedback will really aid in giving directions for betterment, hence do share your thoughts. 🙂
  4. My star product for this week is this multi-texture sponge by Sephora. I got this on a whim while I was in Delhi and it became my favourite instantly. It is washable and reusable like the beauty blender and that is great. It works super well in blending my foundation, I am yet to test it more but for now I am loving it for blending my favourite foundation of the moment.
  5. We are in Mumbai! Yayy!! We decided to utilise this long weekend fairly, therefore, we headed for a weekend trip to Mumbai. Share your must do’s for Mumbai with me, I’d love to know and explore the city with a little help of recommendations. 🙂

What were the five good things of your week? Share and chat with me in the comment section!

Have an awesome long weekend!

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading!


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  • Glad you are taking up the #31DC2016 challenge. Looking forward to it.

    xoxo – Chaicy – Style.. A Pastiche!

    • Thanks Chaicy! I will do a round up on the blog once the 31 days are over, for now I am sharing them everyday on my IG, check them out 🙂 xx

  • IshtyleAwhile

    I am following the #31DC2016challenge 🙂 love it!!
    5 good things this week
    1) Wedding prep is moving forward
    2) I had a shoot that went off very well
    3) I am off to chennai for a few days and I am super excited.
    4) My skin is really clearing up
    5) I’ve been a good girl and blogging regularly.

    • Wow! These are really good five things, specially no.5 😉 I’ve been miserable lately as the Mr. is down with viral :/