Let’s Get This Straight: Hair Ironing Tips

HAIR Straightening Tips and Homemade Hair Straightening Methods

Hair ironing aka straightening isn’t as easy as it might appear to be. And if you have curly, thick, long hair, then it’s even tougher. I have struggled with ironing my hair for a very long time. I don't have super long tresses but whatever the length, my hair is always quite wavy and unmanaged on their own. Over the years, I have found ways that work around my hair and help them in looking sleek and managed instead of frizzy and unruly. Check out some of my tips to getting the ironing right.


Hair Ironing Tips and Homemade Hair Straightening Methods

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Straightened hair looks gorgeous, there’s no doubt about it, but getting that look is not as easy or simple. Hair ironing for thin hair is easier, but if you have thick, curly and long hair, it needs a lot of time and effort to look slick and sleek when heading out for the day.

There are countless dos and don’ts on how to use a hair straightener. Let’s look at a few pointers so you will know how to straighten hair with straightener at home the right way.

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1 Start with dry hair

Make sure your hair is completely dry before you begin straightening it. It is important for many reasons, the first being that it’ll just take longer, which also means you will apply heat on your hair longer. Not a great idea. Don’t blow dry it; simply air drying is good enough.

2 Be generous with the oils

Many people advocate using serums and sprays, but those are synthetic products. I suggest using oils which get absorbed in your hair strands and don’t just coat your hair.

3 First ditch that comb!

When giving direction to your hair while straightening it, use a brush. A comb will build static and can even cause split ends.

4 Decide how straight you want to go

Do you want pin-straight hair or just smoothened? The technique is different for both.

For the former, divide your hair into many small sections. Start from the innermost layer and work your way to the top.

For smooth hair, make bigger sections. Clamp the straightener over the entire section and run it down slowly.

5 Are you using the right material?

Your hair iron should be made of ceramic, tourmaline or titanium metals. These heat more evenly and cause less damage to your hair. Your hair is also shinier and less frizzy with these. Avoid those that say ‘ceramic coated’ or ‘Teflon coated’.


Hair Ironing Tips and Homemade Hair Straightening Methods


Keep these hair ironing and straightening tips in mind the next time you want a smooth, finished look.

If you want to know how to straighten hair naturally, at home, here are a few simple natural and homemade recipes:

1 Milk and honey mask

-Add 1 tablespoon honey to 1 cup of whole milk.

-Apply this to your hair thoroughly.

-Let it sit for at least an hour.

-Wash it out with a nourishing shampoo like Pantene Pro-V.

2 Celery leaves wash

-Squash a bunch of fresh celery leaves, adding a little water in the process.

-After a while squeeze the leaves and remove all the juice, storing it in a glass bottle.

-Leave the bottle for at least 24 hours without moving it at all.

-Massage the solution into your hair 20-30 minutes before your bath.

3 Rice flour, fuller’s earth, and egg white mask

-Mix together ¼ cup rice flour and 1 cup Fuller’s Earth.

-Add one egg white to this and mix it well.

-Apply this paste to your hair using a comb to coat every strand.

-Wash it off after an hour with a nourishing shampoo like Pantene Pro-V.

Natural hair straightening is simple, safe and saves you a lot of money in parlor appointments.

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HAIR Straightening Tips and Homemade Hair Straightening Methods

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I hope you liked these tips on hair ironing and would try these at home. I'd love to know your hair ironing secrets and tips, share them with me in the comment section.

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  • Nice post with lots of useful and practical tips. These should make our lives a bit easier and save a lot of time in the process!

  • David E

    I remember my daughter’s hair getting straightened the first time by a stylist. It was crazy how she looked with it. But I remember being told all sorts of things about what to do with it. Very good tips.

  • Jajwalya R Karajgikar

    I haven’t ever straightened out curled my hair because it looked quite scary honestly. These are some great tips nevertheless! Thanks for sharing.

  • I love egg white mask on my hair. It leaves my hair silky smooth. I am going to try other recipes you shared

  • Today we Craft

    I love these ideas, luckily I inherited my mother’s dead straight hair. It’s getting it curly I struggle with!

  • Personally, I would just go to a hair stylist and let them do the work they are trained to do. You have good tips though.

  • Jake Ferrer

    Me and my siblings have all long thick hair. Sometimes kinda hard to manage. But we often do hair ironing.

  • Rose Sahetapy

    Homemade hair mask is not only much cheaper, but actually fresh and contains a lot vitamins and nutrition which our hair need. I definitely would make these hair masks you suggested. Thank you!

  • Simply Apostolia

    I love the hair mask with milk and honey! In fact I’m going to try it today! And you’re so right about the comb.. I’ve been using it for so long while straitenig my hair and it caused me so many split ends! I’m using the immetec belissima iron btw

  • arra carrasco-odeza

    I have a long hair ever since I was a kid. As far as I could remember there were only 3-4 times in my life that I use hair iron. My number one concern is that it might burn my hair (not literally thought). Those natural hair care tips might work for me. My sister once told me that I could also use mayonnaise on my hair.

  • Joanna

    I must admit I straighten my hair too often I definitely like the idea of trying out the natural homemade recipes.

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