Here Comes the Weekend

Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing great. That golden period of the week is here again...yay!! 😀 It adds up to the gold and glitter if winters are going on, you can snuggle in your warm and comfy quilt as long as you want. You don't have to worry about OMG the clock is ticking away. I personally feel too cold, I don't understand why my hands and feet are always dead-cold. Everyday I have to come out of the quilt in bits and pieces (my one hand goes out to get my socks inside the quilt, other goes out to get pullover and so on) and then gather myself in one go in front of the don't know if I am making any sense at all to you guys here, but I am sure many of you could relate to me. When it is about weekends or any holidays, I am one person who loves to go out, dine out, roam around, shop maybe, or just sit in a park and look at the people around but this time it is too cold here in Japan that I barely feel like coming out of my bed. I really wish I could hibernate like some of those creature of God but that is just not in my hands now, so I plan to just tug myself at home in this freezing weather. Some of the things on my wish list for one such week off are to get a hot cup of tea (in bed :D), piping hot breakfast best if something Indian like aloo parathas or something similar, to get bright, shining sun on my window :D, and a nice movie on TV. That's it for me guys, what about you? Please share your comments with me, I'd love reading them. Thanks for reading and all your support guys! Happy weekend and happy winters! Love, AS