How to Take off Glitter Nail Paint + NOTD 7

Hi Lovelies! I hope you all are having a rocking weekend! I generally do no post anything on weekends but as I did very few posts last week so I decided to do a weekend post today.

This one is a really helpful post, if you are someone who loves glitter nail paints, specially the textured ones, you can thank me later girls! 😀

Also in this post I am sharing my NOTD, which flaunt a bright summer floral art! I used the shades for this by CANMAKE's summer 2014 collection and topped off the yellow nail paint with matte top coat by Nicole by OPI.


Well it is not something for which you need some special tools and stuff, you already have everything it takes to effortlessly take off those little sparkly demons off your nails. So let me show you what all you will need other than the regular things that you have been using till date.


  1. Aluminium foil sheet (cut into small pieces of the size ∼4×8 cm/nail)
  2. Nail paint remover
  3. Cotton swabs, cut to halves—5 (as I had nail paint on all 10 nails, so 5 become 10 by cutting to halves)

And that's it!





1. Dip the half of cotton swab in nail paint remover, put it on your nail and pack the swab on the nail with the foil sheet.


2. Do this for all the nails and wait for about 4-5 min, in the mean time you can sip a cup of your tea or read a book or watch TV.


3. After 5 min, slightly wiggle the foil wrapping on your nail and take it off, and magic, all that glitters is gone from your nails! Doing it this way prevents your nails from harsh abrasion that they face if we take off the glitter like we take off the regular nail enamels, because glitter nail paints have glitter particles that roughen the surface of our nails if rubbed too hard.


4. Most of the time, all the glitter is gone in just this much of action, but if some is still stuck in the corners of your nails, than after taking off all the foils, you can simply dab a Q-tip in nail paint remover and clear out the corner in a fraction of time.

After this, do your nail care routine, I shared mine here, and follow-up by your NOTD. You can check few of my NOTDs here for some inspiration! 🙂

I really hope you guys find the post helpful and like the NOTD. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Have a bright and colorful weekend!

Love, AS