Last Minute Festive Season Style Guide

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We only have a couple of days until the biggest party of the year, and there are so many people out there that don’t know what to wear. The New Year’s Party is considered one of the most important, so picking an outfit carefully is essential. Even if you’re not going anywhere special, and you’ll be spending it with your loved one in the comfort of your home, everyone should try to look their best in order to say farewell to the previous year and await the next one feeling glamorous. So, if this is the case with you, take a look at these tips to give you some last minute idea about what to wear.

Go sparkly this festive season

Last Minute Festive Season Style Guide


The end of December always seems to be very sparkly – starting with Xmas lights, NY decorations, and champagne, so why not you? One of the best looks that you could pull off for the holidays is definitely a sparkly dress. If you choose a nice, beige one, you won’t go wrong as this time of the year is perfect for such dresses. If you want to take it to a new level, you can go with a sparkly skirt that you can combine with practically anything.

This time, you can choose to pair it with a very nice graphic t-shirt as this combination is very chic at the moment. Moreover, you can pair it with a lot of denim, such as a denim jacket on top, or simply a denim dress. Finally, add more metallic to your look, and channel your inner ‘80s Madonna. Add a lot of metal necklaces and bracelets, and carefully choose a nice bag with a lot of metal to go with the whole look.

Pattern experimentation

Last Minute Festive Season Style Guide


One of the biggest trends of 2017 was definitely experimenting with different patterns and textures. So, is there a better way to pay respect to the passing year than by actually wearing some of its biggest hits? The only thing that you should worry about in this case is getting the color combination right. If you achieve this, anything is possible – for example, matching a leather dress and a printed blazer or shoes. Choose the combination of black and a bright color for this occasion, such as gold, or rose gold. Make sure not to overdo anything, as the best combinations are made with one or two patterned items and a lot of minimalistic and simple elements.

The classics

Last Minute Festive Season Style Guide

If you’re more of a classic person, then why not wear the things you like the most? For example, your little black dress can come in handy here and it can look extremely festive if you accessorize it with a lot of metal or sparkly elements. Furthermore, you can always pull off nice and elegant skirts with a killer shirt. Here’s a hint – if you’re going to choose a minimalistic yet elegant pencil skirt, spice it up with a white shirt that’s slightly patterned. If you happen to find a shirt with small Xmas patterns, this is the one you should be wearing! And don’t forget the accessories, since they make any outfit complete.

Ruffle it up

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The cascading flow of ruffles was a must have in the previous year for all the formal events. So if the party or event you’re attending is a formal one, then a ruffled dress may be the outfit for you. These dresses are magnificent and you’ll definitely be glowing. Not to mention that you’ll probably be one of the few (if not the only one) in the room to be wearing ruffles since these are, for some reason, overlooked in the winter time. Don’t accessorize a lot, though, since ruffles are more than enough. You can always choose a nice watch or a bracelet and elegant earrings.

What about makeup?

As far as makeup is concerned, try to make it reflect the features of your outfit. If you’re wearing a killer red dress, then a red lip will do the work. If you chose to go with black, then smokey eyes are just what you need. Don’t overdo it with makeup – keep everything fresh and nude, but choose one feature to point out. Put your hair in a nice bun or take your locks and waves out for this event and you’re good to go.

We hope that these tips were a last-minute life-saver or at least some inspiration. After all, you can always go with anything that makes you feel festive and comfortable. Have a great night!

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