Life Update: Sayounara Tokyo, Japan

Hello everyone! A lot of you must have noticed my Instagram and Facebook feeds (if you follow me there) having throwback pictures of our time in Tokyo, Japan. We have left Japan for good and that's the reason for the sudden drop. Last few months in Tokyo were crazy busy. We had friends and family coming over, then we traveled to Greece and France, then the packing and wrapping up. With all this, I never really got to update you guys with all that was happening. I loved being in Tokyo so much that it's been really hard to bid sayounara. We were in Tokyo for 3.6 years and it was a splendid journey, I know I will never stop missing Tokyo or entire Japan for that matter. But as all good things come to an end, so did our Japan chapter. We are currently in Bangalore and I am super excited to explore this city. Tokyo

Bangalore [Image source]

Over the time you will see a descent in posts related to Japan, but I still have a lot to share that I will continue to do. In addition I will be sharing new topics, places, products, that reflect my life here in Bangalore, India with you guys. We are excited and looking forward to our Bangalore chapter. I'd love to know what you have experienced or would like to experience in this city. As it's my first time here, I am looking forward to lots of fun places to visit, an entirely different cuisine to try and funny yet memorable experience to share with you guys. Do share your must-do's around the city to make our chapter even more colourful!

As always, thanks for stopping by and have great week ahead!


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  • Wow, welcome back to home turf. Hope you enjoy the vibrancy of bangalore. Looking forward to seeing a post on your thoughts about the city as well

    • Thanks coralcure! I am also looking forward to explore this beautiful city. 🙂 xx