March Road Trip: Part 2 | Ashikaga Flower Park & Sano Premium Outlets

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Hi birdies! Today I am sharing our trip from Ashikaga Flower Park. Few days back I shared my post about strawberry picking in Japan and mentioned that there is more to be shared from that road trip. In this post I am going to share the second leg of our road trip that was so gorgeous that I really had to dedicate a separate post instead of clubbing it with the previous post. Did you count how many times I said post...urghh? Okay, so after we were done getting high on fruit sugar from strawberry farm, we headed for the gorgeous Ashikaga Flower Park which was about an hour drive from the strawberry farm. This flower park is spread on a huge area of land with water bodies and beautiful landscaping to attract the visitors and infuse manmade creativity with nature's beauty. The Ashikaga flower park is famous for its theme of seasonal gardens, that is they have a dedicated part of the park for each season, cool isn't it? For spring there is one area, for summer there is another, for winter another and so on. Ashikaga Flower Park_3 The time when we visited was best for viewing tulips, there were numerous of them in the Ashikaga flower park, that took our breath away. I literally wanted to bring loads of saplings home and make my own garden, sadly, I don't have much space for that. Ashikaga Flower Park_2 Ashikaga Flower Park   Ashikaga Flower Park_4 Ashikaga Flower Park_8 Ashikaga Flower Park_9 We went a little bit early, the most famous blooms of the park are wisteria flowers which bloom during May and June, our bad πŸ™ But this place is so gorgeous that for once we didn't feel the visit wasn't worth, in fact we were so mesmerised that we are ready to go back there anytime. πŸ˜€
Ashikaga Flower Park_6
The huge wisteria tree, which will have full bloom in May!
This is how it will look once full bloomed, isn't that gorgeous?
This is how it will look once full bloomed, isn't that gorgeous?
People working around the wisteria tree to make it gorgeous when the right time approaches!
People working around the wisteria tree to make it gorgeous when the right time approaches!
Ashikaga Flower Park_10
Huge rose tree in the park!
  Ashikaga Flower Park_11 The Ashikaga Flower Park also had a huge nursery from where you could purchase saplings and seeds of a variety of plants at wholesale prices. It was so overwhelming that I can't begin to tell you guys. They also had a huge omiyage (γŠεœŸη”£) shop from where you could purchase local sweets and stuff. For more information on the park, please refer to their website here. After we were done starling for couple of hours in the park, we headed for Sano Premium Outlets, no shopping spree but just to get a glimpse of how huge open malls look like in Tokyo which has a dearth of space everywhere. 😐 Sano Premium Outlets_1 Sano Premium Outlet is a huge premium outlet mall with around 180 international and Japanese outlets, worth checking once and if you find stuff that you need it's a deal. Sano Premium Outlets_14 Sano Premium Outlet_16 After wandering for a good time in these outlets, we headed for dinner and then back home. Hope you liked going through the pictures of our road trip to Strawberry farm, Ashikaga Flower park and Sano Premium Outlets.

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  • Pankhuri

    Wow these pictures are droolworthy… Beautiful Flowers and even we visited premium outlet mall last week πŸ˜€ Easter deals were going which were hard to resist πŸ˜€

    • So true, I wanted to be in the park forever! πŸ˜€ There were so many deals when we visited the premium outlets, but I couldn’t find anything of my interest; it was crazy!! πŸ˜€ xx