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Mont Saint Michel
Today I am sharing our travel diary from Mont Saint Michel, Normandy; one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites from France. We went to Paris from Athens and the next day we went to Mont Saint Michel for a 1-day trip. Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel is a historic location off France’s northwestern coast, in Normandy, France. It is a small island that has had its share of grand fortifications. Since 8th century AD, it has been the seat of the monastery of Mont Saint Michel. Mont Saint Michel is located on this small island in Lower Normandy. Currently, this small island has a town with a population of 44 (as of 2009) inhabitants. We took a 1-day tour for Mont Saint Michel by Tours4Fun. Due to the lack of time we had and the long distance from Paris (~4 hrs by road – one way), we were bound to take 1-day tour. But, if you have more time on hand, then you probably would like to experience more of Normandy. Our tour started at 7:15 am from Rue des Pyramides and we reached back in Paris around 9 pm.
Mont Saint Michel
Views like these from our bus ride
Our tour included to-and-fro bus journey from Paris, lunch before entering the island, and entrance tickets for the monastery. Mont Saint Michel Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel
View from one of the streets of the town
Mont Saint Michel
Gothic style interior of the church abbey
Mont Saint Michel
The cloister at the abbey, earlier used by monks to meditate and later for some vegetation.
Mont Saint Michel Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel
Facade of the church abbey of Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel
The narrow shopping streets of the town
Mont Saint Michel
Dreamy waves and their after marks

Things to do in Mont Saint Michel

  • Visit the Abbey, monastery, the cloister, and beautiful architecture inside the churches.
  • Go to the top and enjoy breathtaking views of the waves and white sand shimmering from beneath.
  • Try the famous fluffy omelet of Mont Saint Michel.
  • Stroll through La Grande Rue—shopping street where you can find all kinds of souvenirs, local supplies, cafes, etc.
The town on this island is very tactfully divided into TOP: God, abbey, and monastery and BELOW: halls, stores, and housing. You can visit this site without a guide but I suggest taking the plunge of having a guide alongside. With so much of history and knowledge, a guide can always make your trip a more meaningful one. You can also opt for the audio guides available by paying an extra 4,50€. The grandeur of the abbey perched as high as 80 m defines the picturesque views of the island. It's a huge site with over 20 rooms to explore that include the huge book printing hall, resting area for the pilgrims, chapel, etc. In addition to all the tactful architecture, equally relevant are the gorgeous views from the beautifully stained glass windows of the abbey.

Access from the car park:

Our tour bus took us upto the car park area and there we had lunch in a restaurant. From there we took the 'Passeur' shuttle bus that runs from the shuttle hub near the car park area and drops you at the Mont Saint Michel stop, around 400 m before the city walls. It takes around 12 minutes. It's a free service and runs continuously from 7:30 am to 1 am.
Mont Saint Michel
Passeur shuttle bus
You can also take a ride on the horse-drawn carriages or walk to the city of Mont Saint Michel.
Mont Saint Michel
Horse carriages <3
Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel as seen from the bridge near the car park area

How’s What in Mont Saint Michel?

Food: In general, food is amazing in Europe; but for this little island, especially, the fluffy omelet is a must. Their fluffy omelets that come in a variety of options are so fluffy that you just can't ignore them. These are usually served with a side of chips and salad.
Mont Saint Michel
Special Mont Saint Michel omelet
Transport: On the island, walking is the best (almost only) option. With the narrow streets and stairs, walking opens doors to so many beautiful views. People: We didn't really get a chance to interact with the locals (as less as 44); all we could see were tourists. But whoever we got to interact with was very pleasing. Tour: Our 1-day tour from Tours4Fun was a great choice, specially because we were staying in Paris. Ours was a guided tour Our guide was very knowledgeable and gave us great insights into the vast world of Normandy. We opted for the lunch inclusive option, which was a great 3-course French lunch with the local bottle of cider and picture perfect views of Mont Saint Michel. Although I highly recommend this tour, I suggest you opt for lunch exclusive option as that gives you more margin to indulge in local delicacies, especially the fluffy omelet. I hope you liked the post from our France travel diaries. Have you been to France? Did you get a chance to visit Mont Saint Michel? If yes, share your stories with me in the comment section, would love to know your stories. ? If not, then I hope you get to visit France soon. Have you checked out my previous posts in travel diaries? Check them here. As always, thanks for stopping by and have a great week ahead! ? Signature

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