My Nails for 31DC2014

31DC2014 for Nails

31DC2014 post has been long overdue on the blog, though I have shared these on my IG account but I somehow didn't share these here on the blog, unintentionally. I took this challenge in September 2014, I know long time, where I had to share different nails everyday. I couldn't complete this challenge due to travelling mid-September to India for 2 weeks, but I did as long as I could for the 31DC2014 for nails. I loved doing these and hope you will enjoy watching these. 🙂

31DC2014_Day 1

31DC2014_Day 2

31DC2014_day 3

31DC2014_Day 4 31DC2014_Day 5

31DC2014_Day 6

31DC2014_Day 7

31DC2014_Day 8

31DC2014_Day 9

31DC2014_Day 10

31DC2014_Day 11 I really hope you liked these nail arts for my 31DC2014. Share your thoughts with me in the comments section, I'd love reading them. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and reading! 🙂

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  • One of the chains of brilliant posts

    • Thank you Preity, I love when you compliment! :p xx

  • Wow!! You are really talented Aditi!! All are amazing but day 5 is my favorite!!

    • Aww, thank you so much Prerna, you’re so sweet! 🙂 <3