Make a Natural Face Cleanser for Your Combination Skin

Natural Face Cleanser

When you’ve got combination skin, you need just the right set of ingredients to keep yourself looking your best. As you know (I hope you've been with me for long), I have combination skin, my concerns are usually high for what goes on my skin. I am always looking for natural solutions to cater to my skin's needs. In today's post, I'll be sharing some easy ways to make a natural face cleanser.


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Combination skin is by far the most annoying of all different skin types. It’s half oily, half dry, and constantly provoking you to yell, “Pick a lane, dude!” Finding products that can suit your skin perfectly can be a bit of a challenge. However, you can always take matters into your own hands and whip yourself up a natural face cleanser for combination skin with ingredients you can find at home.

  1. Slather on some honey
  • Honey is one of the best ingredients for your skin as it has anti-inflammatory and lightening properties.
  • As it’s also an exfoliator, using it as a natural cleanser for the face can really do wonders.
  • All you need to do is gently wet your face with warm water before you start and then massage some honey into your skin.
  • The warm water opens up your pores and also makes it easier for the honey to dissolve.
  1. Use natural oils
  • Oils have a host of benefits when it comes to beauty and though it may seem a little counter-intuitive, it can be used to cleanse your face as well.
  • Pour a teaspoon of castor oil into a container.
  • Castor oil dries your skin which is why you must mix it with a carrier oil such as sunflower oil or argan oil.
  • With this, you are simultaneously drying and moisturizing your skin, which works well for combination skin.
  1. Bust out your oatmeal packets
  • Remember those oatmeal packets you bought all those months ago when you thought going on a healthy diet was a good idea?
  • It’s time to show them the light of day and put them to some use.
  • Mix together half a cup of ground oats with the equal amount of almond meal and then add a liquid of your choice: lemon juice, water, coconut water, whichever, depending on whether you need a natural cleanser for oily skin or dry skin.
  • This cleanser for the face can be used for both.
  1. Keep the skin woes away with an Apple cleanser a day
  • Apples are a great fruit when it comes to using them for beauty packs.
  • Mix together two peeled apple slices, fresh yogurt, honey, and olive oil and use it as a natural face cleanser that will leave you feeling fresh once you use it.
  • As this is slightly on the drier side, you should moisturize your face with a soothing cream like Olay to counteract any excess dryness.

Making a natural face cleanser using organic ingredients is definitely much easier than it looks. Go on and start mixing your ingredients and greet this spring season with lovely, glowing skin that makes everyone sit up and say “Wow”.

Extra Tip – Tomato is also a great ingredient for combination skin! Check out the benefits of tomato for skin here at Reward Me. Get more skin care tips to be your best beautiful daily at


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  • Sheetal

    This one is useful 👍

  • Poop Poop

    I didnt know that you could use oatmeal as a face cleanser. Wow. Thank you for sharing!

  • Aw this is so helpful! I have combination skin and find it hard to find products that can sort my skin out. I like the sound of using apple x

    • Also honey would be great as a cleanser for my skin as well , especially as it is anti-inflammatory. My skin has some redness so it might help reduce and soothe the inflammation x

  • Veethee Dixit

    Hey Aditi! First of all I would like you to know that I have been following a blog for about a month now and I have enjoyed reading it. The posts are quite informative. I didn’t know that even apple can be used as a cleanser. Since I have a combination skin, these tips are really useful. Thanks a ton! Keep up the good work.
    Regards: Veethee

  • Kallia Manika

    Combination to oily skin girl here! Thank you for all the tips, I am always on the hunt for new ways to get my skin under control!

  • Aditya Tiwari

    I always knew Oatmeal was good source for Natural face cleanser. But many women laughed at me for saying something stupid. Now I will surely show this. Thanks Aditi.

  • Familyearthtrek

    This post makes me thinking of something funny. I am using honey and lemon for my facescrub/mask. And each time my husband would joke that all I need is some herbal tea on my face so he would drink me for breakfast. Lol. Well, I ignore him and how fresh dont I feel after!

  • Laura Dove

    I have combination skin and had no idea you can make your own cleanser like this! I’m definitely going to try it!

  • Mayuri Saxena

    I have a combination skin and I love mixing oats and honey together to make a mask. I have never tried apple cleanser but would love to try it out. Great post!

  • Made Adayasa

    Great post . My wife will love to read your article . For me as a man I don’t really do much care for skin care . But this articles will help much my wifes also my sisters . We are living in tropical country and they need to read this .

  • Kai Digger_Digg

    Great beauty tips for natural face cleanser., i never do these face cleanser, i usually wash my face with face packs twice a day but these tips are amazing, ill definitely share it with my sister, she might love this article.

  • Kim Gammage

    I’m going to have to give some of these a try, my skin is a nightmare at the moment and I have to be carful what I use on it because it’s fairly sensitive. Time to raid the kitchen cupboards!

  • I never thought of using natural products to create facial cleansers. The one with honey sounds really beneficial, I didn’t know that honey was such a great anti-inflammatory.

  • Simply Apostolia

    I’m mostly using baby oil as a facial cleanser. It’s not exactly natural but it’s kinda “pure” since it’s made for babies, and I can see much difference. Also I’m detoxifying my skin with olive oil, sugar and grounded coffee!

  • Eliza Casipagan

    These are nice points, I have never tried natural product before as cleanser I always bought one that is ready to use.. I might give this a try. Thanks

  • Wow these tips are so helpful and some are very unknown to me. As these ingredients are always in our house so they are easy to make. For me castor oil is so sticky but it actually cleanses it which I was not knowing.

  • I love to use natural oils but never actually thought of doing my own cleanser. My skin is pretty dry so I should add a few moisturizing ingredients.

  • Elizabeth O

    These is so helpful tips. I really love honey as a cleanser because it’s give are skin moisturize and leaving smoothness and softness on our skin.

  • Elena Stevkovska

    Great tips. I have similar skin type so I will give it a try since I like using natural oils.

  • I love doing natural remedies too. I have combo skin and right now it’s turn on oil big time! I am so broken out so I am going to try some of these.

  • Some great tips here on natural skincare. I am all about going the natural way instead of loads of chemicals applied to my skin.