New Year – New Place

New Year 2017
Hey my loves, wish you all a very happy new year! I know this is coming in super late but as long as it's in the first half of January, it's fine, right? Pardon me for being this much MIA from the blog. Last year was so much busy—mostly with uncertainty—that blogging took a back seat for a while. We left Japan for good, went to India, and then finally came to Australia. If you have been patient enough and still following me on my social media platforms you would already know that. If you are not following me anywhere other than this place, then please pardon me for this long absence.
As for the "New Place", we relocated to Australia in October 2016. That one month was pretty much hectic from dawn to dusk as we were house hunting and needed to finalise things asap as I had to go back to India in November to attend a family wedding. Can you imagine the craziness? Tokyo-to-Delhi-to-Bangalore-to-Delhi again-to-Melbourne-to-Delhi again-Melbourne. The later half of 2016 just went in like that—precisely living out of a suitcase.
But here we are in 2017 - New Year, New Place. Things are getting in their places, life seems to be coming on track of routine. On the blog front, I hope to keep up with blogging and giving you guys new posts and content on a regular basis, please bear with me until then.
How was your 2016? How has 2017 been so far for you? Do you believe in resolutions? What resolutions have you made for this year? Were you able to keep up with last year's resolutions? I'd love to hear from you guys in the comments below! 

As always, thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend and an awesome new year!


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  • Preeti

    hope you are settling well .. and in 2017 may we meet again :*

    • Aditi

      Yes, doing so day-be-day. 🙂 Yesss, keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂