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Things to do in Santorini

Sharing the last post from Greece featuring Santorini. Santorini was our last destination in Greece; after this, we flew back to Athens as we had our flight to Paris (post coming soon) from Athens. Santorini is one place I was the most excited to visit, thanks to all the gorgeous pictures on the Internet. We kept our stay a very relaxed one on this beautiful Greek island.

We took a ferry from Mykonos to Santorini (~4 hr) via Hellenic Seaways. Our ferry was HIGHSPEED 6, which is a huge, high-speed catamaran with no open decks. We went in May first week (end of shoulder season), so there weren't frequent ferries from Mykonos to Santorini. This one cost us €62 per person in the economy class. As it's a huge catamaran, it didn't give us a bumpy ride, instead a super smooth ride.

Santorini, Cocoon Suites – Greece Travel Diaries

We stayed in Santorini for 3 days at the gorgeous Cocoon Suites. Cocoon Suites is a luxury resort with 8 beautifully crafted suites; 6 with private plunge pools. I can go on and talk about how beautiful is this place, but the highlight is the services and hospitality. I have never stayed at a place where people are so in love with what they are doing. Excellent rooms, breathtaking views, and superb hospitality.

Things to do in Santorini
Lovely Welcome at Cocoon Suites! <3
Things to do in Santorini
Gorgeousness from the room!
Things to do in Santorini
The hearty breakfast with stunning views of the ocean!
Things to do in Santorini
I can live here forever! May I!? <3

Things to do in Santorini

  • Imerovigli
  • Wine Tasting
  • Oia
  • Sunset at Amoudi Bay
  • Perissa - Black Beach

Imerovigli: We checked in our hotel in the evening and decided to stay there only. As our stay was in Imerovigli only, we could actually that place. Imerovigli is perfect for evening strolls, lovely restaurants, gorgeous views of the sea, beautiful churches, pretty little alleyways and everything pretty.

Things to do in Santorini   Things to do in Santorini   Things to do in Santorini   Things to do in Santorini   Things to do in Santorini  

Wine Tasting: Wine tasting is a must in Santorini, we went to the Santowines Winery for this and totally loved the experience. We opted for the guided tour of the winery, cellar with 6 wines to taste.

  Things to do in Santorini   Things to do in Santorini   Things to do in Santorini  

Oia: Even more pretty churches, shops, restaurants, and gorgeous views.

  Things to do in Santorini   Things to do in Santorini   Things to do in Santorini   Things to do in Santorini   Things to do in Santorini  

Amoudi Bay: Sunsets are pretty intense and absolutely calming from almost everywhere in Santorini but this place is my favorite. Although we couldn't witness a clear sunset thanks to the overcast, this place is a must for gorgeous sunsets.

  Things to do in Santorini   Things to do in Santorini  

Perissa - Black Beach: This beach is famous for its nightlife. So many happening party places with gorgeous views of the Aegean sea.

  Things to do in Santorini  

How’s What in Santorini, Greece?

FOOD: As with all the other places in Greece, food in Santorini is also superb. Definitely try Greek olives, and Vin Santo wine (Santorini's wine).

TRANSPORT: Rental cars are the best option. There are many rental car services at the port, you can rent a car and then leave it at the airport on your way back. We rented Nissan Micra for 2 days from the port and left it at the airport on our last day, it made out trip so much more convenient and enjoyable.

SAFETY: We found it pretty safe.

PEOPLE: Extremely helpful, courteous, and full of life.

OUR STAY: We stayed at Cocoon Suites. It is a designer property having 8 beautifully crafted suites, with breathtaking views of the Aegean and Caldera. I really recommend this place, and any day I'd love to go back there.

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  • Magvey

    I have visited santorini also. Magic island. Here is my private video impression abot that visit.

    • Thanks for sharing your video! 🙂

  • Natassia Mona

    Hi Aditi, just came across your blog on the santorini Facebook page. We are planning a trip to Greece in April 2017 and your posts have been really helpful to know what we should do there. If you don’t mind me asking, how much did you spend on your trip to Greece ? An approx figure would be helpful. Thanks once again. Will be coming back to your blog more often now , it’s a good mix of travel & beauty .. XOXO

    • Hey! Please excuse me Natassia for such a late reply. Our trip costed us around USD 4500 per person, this included 3 nights in Paris as well. Hope this helps you in planning your trip. If you have any more questions feel free to shoot an email to me. 🙂 xx Aditi

  • Star Harford

    I have always wanted to go to Santorini! I love Greece and have been to many islands but never made it here. It is so beautiful! The cocoon suites look wonderful! You are so lucky!