Strawberry Picking [イチゴ狩り] in Japan

Strawberry Picking_Caption
Last Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and we along with a friend couple hit the road for an exciting road trip. Out of the many things that we planned to do that day, strawberry picking (イチゴ狩り) was one.  I wanted to share this with you guys the next day only but my poor recovering self kept procrastinating. Anyhow, fruit picking is a very common activity in Japan throughout the year among the locals as well as the expats. We really wanted to go out on such a trip and finally managed to do so. There are plenty of farms in and around Tokyo that offer the service of fruit picking through out the year. The options of fruits vary as per the season, this time i.e. from January till May is the time for strawberries. Strawberry Picking We planned for going to one farm in Tochighi prefecture (about ~2 hr ride from our place) but that couldn't happen as that place was fully booked so we headed over to another strawberry farm nearby. The concept for fruit or strawberry picking in these farms is that the farm personnel give you a bowl to fill and refill and eat-all-you-can while you are in the farm. If you pick way too many and want to take it back home with you you have to pay for it, hence it's better to eat it up all, but still if you really want to take home fresh berries from the farm you can by all means! They also have coin lockers so as to keep all your belongings in there and enjoy your time freely while picking the berries, off course camera is allowed to take! 🙂 The strawberries are grown in indoor greenhouses on these farms. The farm that we went to had 11 greenhouses with strawberry plantations; we were given 30 minutes to be in the greenhouse and pick and eat as much as we could, and believe me you guys 30 minutes were more than enough for us. :p Strawberry Picking_2 Strawberry Picking_5 Strawberry Picking_4   Strawberry Picking_3   After your time is up you return the empty bowls and trash your litter. Take your belongings from the coin lockers at the entrance and bid adieu! It was so much fun on our trip to this place. After this we went on to explore and spent the day doing the remaining things on our plan, will share those in upcoming posts. Do you like me sharing posts like this featuring my life in Japan? Have you ever tried fruit picking? If so share how was your experience in the comment section, I'd love to read! 🙂

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Have a fabulous weekend! 🙂

  • It’s spring!! Love these photos, looks so lovely



    • Thanks Emma! It was a worth trip, loved every bit of it. 🙂

      xx Aditi

  • I LOVE these type of posts so please feel free to share lots and lots more 🙂 it’s always nice to see what life is really like in a different country! And what a fun activity to do. The photos look great 🙂 XO Naomi in Wonderland

    • Thank you so much for stopping by Naomi! Will keep on sharing such posts, keep checking for more. 🙂

      xx Aditi

  • Priyanka Sinha

    Great post bhabhi! Picking berries sounds like such a fun thing to do.. And gulping all you can in the little time you have!
    I’ve read a couple of other posts by you as well. Like the way you keep it short and yet manage to capture all the essential bits.

    • Thanks for stopping by and reading Priya, it means so much! 😀 It is indeed a real fun thing to do, we ate so many that for a good time I felt as if high on sugar! :p

      xx Aditi

  • Preeti

    Our first trip and so much to treasure 🙂

    • Yes, it was so much fun! Looking forward to more such trips… 🙂 xx

  • what a wonderful experience. i love your photos

    • Aditi

      It was truly amazing! 🙂 xx