Summer Style | The Summer Dresses To Buy Before They Sell Out

Summer Dresses to Buy Before They Sell Out

Summer Style

Summer is my favorite season of all times; I have never really liked winter (ironically I now live in a city that’s cold majority of the months). During my childhood, I used to wait desperately for my summer vacations so I could go to my grandparents’ house. My grandma also used to wait for me with equal desperation.

My grandma loved pampering me and the most visible way of her pampering was to dress me up. She loved getting custom tailored frocks, tunics, skirts and blouses for me. She would spend hours in the fabric store looking for pastel hues, floral prints, and soothing touch of cotton and other materials. Next, she would run her creative horses and specifically instruct even the minutest details to the tailor. I loved trying on her unique creations and feel so Cinderella-like. You can tell by now, I like summer for so many reasons but the fashion and style is one of the most crucial reasons.

Recently, Melbourne hosted its Fashion Week (MWF) that saw so many trends, most of them returning from past few decades and featuring all-time classics. As summer is just about to knock our doors it is the right time to lift up your summer style. Today, I am sharing some of the summer style essentials keeping in mind the current seasonal trends of Australian fashion. I have curated some of my favorite summer dresses for you that I absolutely love and would want in my wardrobe to live in my warmer days; I want you to get a hold of these before these sell out for good.


Floral is one of the most romantic and feminine trends that have ever existed. MFW saw a very exciting collection of styles featuring the floral trend. It is my personal favorite; anything floral and I will love it. I am usually not very lady-like but on occasions when I’m channeling my inner lady I love to go with a floral number. Floral is a great choice for any daytime occasion, picnics, strolling the city, also great for tea parties if you go with a slightly formal silhouette.

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Summer Dresses to Buy Before They Sell Out | Outfit | Style | Stripes | Floral | Lace | Dress | Bright | Summer style and outfit ideas

(Off Shoulder Floral Dress - Vintage Blue / Halter Neck Backless Floral Dress - Black /  Bohemian Floral Dress - White)


Stripes are one of the most classic trends that shout casual and fun times. I have loved stripes for many reasons but one of the most prominent is the advantage of enhancing your body. Now, I am not with a model-like figure or height so I have to pick my outfit in a way that it boosts my height or not-so-perfect waist. Stripes are so versatile and can make you look taller or slimmer, respectively. I kid you not, I saved a couple of my favorite striped dress while working on this post and by the time I was done drafting some of them were actually sold out (sad face). So, if you don't want to be in the same situation, I’ll suggest you pick your favorites soon.

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Summer Dresses to Buy Before They Sell Out | Outfit | Style | Stripes | Floral | Lace | Dress | Bright | Summer style and outfit ideas

(Classic Striped Tank Dress - Red / Striped Dress - Light Blue  / Striped Jersey Shift Dress - Blue)

Shirt Dresses

I’m all about comfort styling. In fact, the majority of my wardrobe is filled with a myriad of shirts - long shirts, solid color shirts, flannel shirts, and what not. Shirts are super comfortable and when you can have your shirts in the form of dresses, what more you need? In addition to comfort, I like the kind of rugged and raw finish a shirtdress can give you being prim and proper at the same time. These are great to customize and style in countless ways – wear it as a light cover-up over your tank top and shorts, add a belt at your wait to make it look more polished, tuck it in a pencil skirt, use it as a regular shirt – the options are limitless.

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Summer Dresses to Buy Before They Sell Out | Outfit | Style | Stripes | Floral | Lace | Dress | Bright | Summer style and outfit ideas

(Longline Beach Shirtdress - White /  Cold Shoulder Shirtdress - Green / Collared Shirtdress - Blue)


Bright colored outfits are always on trend for the warmer months. MFW specifically saw a myriad of bright colors on the ramp with all exquisite styles and combinations. I love a good bright colored dress to wear out on a sunny day—at the beach or for a lunch date. When it comes to picking a bright colored outfit, it is very important to pick a tone that enhances your skin tone. Usually, I’d say all colors look beautiful but there are some colors that look prettier on one person as compared to other colors. If you are not comfortable wearing a bright colored dress go for a pop of color in your outfit – bright clutch, accessories, shoes, etc.

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Summer Dresses to Buy Before They Sell Out | Outfit | Style | Stripes | Floral | Lace | Dress | Bright | Summer style and outfit ideas

(Cold Shoulder Dress  - Coral / Flared Off Shoulder Dress - Yellow / Halter Neck Midi Dress - Red)


This year, MWF witnessed a good share of textured goodness on display. Textured fabric and a mix and match of texture and plain were very much notable. I love this trend as it gives you the liberty to experiment by adding a fun element. Textures give you an end result that is astounding. My personal favorite texture of all times is lace, but recently, I have started liking jacquard and dotted Swiss too.

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Summer Dresses to Buy Before They Sell Out | Outfit | Style | Stripes | Floral | Lace | Dress | Bright | Summer style and outfit ideas

(Crochet Lace Pencil Dress, Frilled Hem - Pastel Pink /  Lace Skater Dress, Peplum Sleeves - Pastel Blue / Cutwork Lace Mini Dress, Flared Sleeves - Peach)

Summer Dresses to Buy Before They Sell Out | Outfit | Style | Stripes | Floral | Lace | Dress | Bright | Summer style and outfit ideas  Summer Dresses to Buy Before They Sell Out | Outfit | Style | Stripes | Floral | Lace | Dress | Bright | Summer style and outfit ideas

What are your favorite styles when it comes to sprucing up your wardrobe with summer dresses? Do you like any of the styles that I shared with you in this post? Share your favorites and how you like to style them with me in the comment section below. I’d love reading your little notes and knowing more about your personal style.

Looking for a way to transform your work look to evening look for catching up with your girls? Check out this post where I went straight from work to a dinner date without an outfit change.

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  • Bhumi

    I always loved summers for the summer vacays😁 I also loved visiting my grandparents and spending nights under the stars with them. My fav are the textured dresses😍

  • Star Harford

    Your Grandma sounds amazing! That must be every little girls dream! For myself I like the shirt dresses but I also liked a couple of the floral designs you picked and you are right about stripes, they can be so flattering!

  • Mohammed Raiyyan Shaik

    Time to share this one with my girlfriend! Those dresses look so cool! Thanks for sharing!! Nice collection

  • I love textured dresses. They seem to have a nice charm about them.

  • Pooja shah

    Nice collection..looking ahead to returning

  • I really like the textured dresses, I love the lace details that are so feminine and elegant. The bold colors are also something to look out for. I am not really sure about the shirt dresses, they are not my cup of tea.

  • Georgia Stallcop

    Stripes and textured would be my summer dress picks. I especially love flowly Greek Goddess type dresses for the summer, so airy and light.

  • My goodness! Are these awesome or what? I wear dresses 99% of the time no matter the season. I love dresses and I would pick all of these. I must say that the lace dresses are my favourite from your choices.

  • Joline

    Loving those florals! Summer just ended here though the weather’s still pretty warm. There’s still time to wear summer dresses!

  • Oursamyatra

    All the designs of the outfits are so gorgeous. But the 3 outfits under Textured subheading are so classic and beautiful.

  • Dogvills

    I am more of a casual dresser so those shirt dresses appealed most to me. I love the blue striped one, paired perfectly with white sneakers.

  • Debasree Das Mall

    awesome collection babe!!!
    specially when you know im a dress person, cant wait for summer

  • I liked Lace Skater Dress the most. I have two dresses that are similar. Besides that I like the dress to be a bit soggy, and below the knee.

  • All summer dresses are very tempting and appealing. My favorites are those floral ones. Florals go very well with summers and also the bright ones.

  • Sonika Balyan

    Wow, all of the dresses mentioned here are so stylish. They can really define someones style statements. Unfortunately I can’t buy them because for me summer is almost over.

  • Mayuri Saxena

    Wow! I loved all these dresses you have mentioned…super trendy and chic. I loved the halter neck backless floral dress…I am going to look for it. 🙂

  • Eliza Casipagan

    Nice post of collections! I am totally into shirt dresses not only that its very comfy but you can also get to wear it alone or with leggings.

  • Margarette Puno

    Wow! This dresses are so pretty amazing! I love the black floral dress. It looks so stunning.

  • Christine Ann Dela Cruz

    I really like those outfits. and What I really love the most is the floral dress and the lace dresses. It looks so gorgeous.

  • Alok Rana

    Cool outfits. Each one is looking amazing. It would be a perfect sharing collection with someone interested. Thanks

  • Lizzie Jones

    I just fell in love with that khaki one with the shoulder cutouts. NEED NEED NEED!!!

  • Helen Clark

    I’m with you on hating winter! These are all gorgeous dresses. I really love the light blue striped dress and red halterneck dress.

  • Our Family World

    I love all these outfit suggestions. My top pick would be the shirt dresses. They are all so great to wear during warmer days. I’ll get them now and wear them next summer! The srtiped blue shirt dress is so cute!

  • The Blonde Diary Channel

    We live it Florida and it is always summer here! Wish we could have all of these dresses.


  • Jen S

    We must be on opposite sides of the world because summer is just ending here! But it’s definitely not too late to buy some dresses for next year 😛

  • White Pen

    Fashion are always good to read. I don’t know why I love reading them thousand times. You got wonderful list here.

  • Rose Sahetapy

    Fabulous collection! The brights really represent Summer but the Textured is my top pick especially the peach one.

  • christopher mitchell

    I’lll happily pass this one along to my girlfriend! I got to say that I’m a bit fan of the shirt dresses. It’s got to be my favourite fashion trend going right now!

  • Cassandra R

    My entire closet is made up of floral, striped, and shirt dresses. My summer wardrobe is also my winter wardrobe ha! I love that you can dress up most of these dresses with a cute cardigan or jacket!

  • You’ve picked out some really nice items here – especially the lacey pink floral dress. The layers are really cool, I’ve never seen a dress like this before! x

  • Aditya Tiwari

    I always prefer Shirt Dresses on most of the women. I think for me, they are attractive. And if you ask which is second favourite, then it is stripes. Stripes are great casual dress. Even I wear stripes sometimes.

  • I love lace and I love florals so I would say that they are my favourite kind of summer dress trends. What is great about summer dresses is that you can still wear them in winter as well! x


    Hello aditi
    This is a really helpful post, thank you

  • As much as I love dresses on others, I don’t wear them much myself. Your selection is gorgeous and I am drawn to a few of your maxi dresses.