The Big Bang

Hi Everyone! Am sure you all are very well versed with this term, but hey, don't be judgmental. Just because the title says so, it doesn't mean that I am going to write something sci-fi or I am someone into science or the outer space. It is just symbolic of the beginning of my connection with all you guys through our very own space owned by me. I have always been so excited about writing, I even have another blog completely based on life and sort of philosophical (not that I am a philosopher *wink*) thoughts and stuff. But deep down I always had a liking to share more about the leisure and beauty of everyday life, the food we eat, the places we go, the stuff we do that makes us happy and so on. Here I'll be sharing with you guys my experiences and opinions with and about life, the home, the boy, fashion (ooh-la-la, m so super excited...haha), travel, etc. So let's get started with our new bond. 🙂