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TISS deep off oil
Today, I am sharing one of my favourite cleansing oils—TISS deep off oil by Shiseido. I have tried couple of products before but nothing has been on repeat. This one is from Tokyo and availability is an issue but that doesn't stop me from loving it. I keep on asking my Indian friends to bring this one for me when they visit India. Cleansing oils are very popular in Japan. You'll find a variety of these in drugstores and in high-end brands like Shu Uemura. I tried many more cleansing oils before this one by Shiseido. But since this one I haven't looked anywhere else. It's very easily available in drugstores and comes in two variants: yellow bottle and green bottle. I have tried both versions and realised the yellow one matches my needs better.

TISS deep off oil

My Experience

Usually I share the list of ingredients, product claims and other such information about a product while I review it on the blog. I am not sharing that information as everything is written in Japanese and I can't interpret that. Although, I did my share of research and realised that this one has mineral oil, which may be disappointing for some. The packaging is a yellow plastic bottle with a pump. The formula is oil-like which emulsifies when mixed with water. When it's time to take off my makeup, I just take 2-3 pumps of this oil on my palm (this much quantity cleans the entire face of makeup, even water proof mascara). Then, I rub it between my palms for 2-3 seconds and directly apply on my face and gently massage in circular motion. Make sure your face/hands are dry before applying this oil as this is an emulsifying oil and will not work on wet surface. I massage on for 10-12 seconds or until all the makeup is broken down. Next, I wash off my face with water and see all the makeup gone. IF any traces of makeup are remaining, they go off with the next step, that is washing my face with my face wash (I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser).

What I like about TISS deep off oil

  • Convenient packaging
  • Highly effective, takes off every bit of makeup, even waterproof.
  • It doesn't leave any residue behind and comes off clean with water.
  • Doesn't clog my pores, which is great.
  • Effective for removing blackheads as well.
  • Doesn't irritate my sensitive, acne prone skin.
  • It doesn't sting my eyes, even when I sometimes open my eyes with this on.
  • With 2-3 pumps at one time, this bottle lasts me very long.

What I don't like about TISS deep off oil

  • It has mineral oil, which I don't mind much but I know many people don't like it.
Final Thoughts:
This is my HG cleansing oil. I don't know how I will manage without it. 🙁
Ofcourse! Currently I am on my 4th bottle, you guys!
Love: Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 20.50.10
Price: ¥ 947
Availability: amazon.co.jp | amazon.in
Have you guys tried this TISS deep off oil yet? What's your favourite cleansing oil? Share below in the comments! 🙂

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  • Preeti

    awesome, I will look into this product next time.

    • You will love it Preeti! <3 xx