Tokyo DisneySea | Top 10 Must Do’s

I am a Disney fan forever - I love Disneyland but Tokyo DisneySea is my ultimate paradise. When we moved to Tokyo, our first weekend was spent at Disneyland, and I couldn't stop myself from going to that place and Tokyo DisneySea again and again.

Tokyo DisneySea is a Disney theme park located in Chiba, Tokyo. It opened its gates to the public on 4 September 2001 at the Tokyo Disney Resort. DisneySea has an oceanic theme to it as compared to Disneyland. It is a huge theme park spread across an area of 176 acres. 

If you have been to one of these (or both)  you'd know what madness I am talking about. If you haven't then read along to know my top 10 must do things at Tokyo DisneySea.

DisneySea has 7 nautically themed areas which you can read more about here. As it is a huge park with multiple attractions, be prepared to spend a lot of time in queues. Just to prepare you guys and help you manage time while at this happy place, I have curated my list of top 10 must do's. 

Let's check these out! 

  1. Big Band Beat – American Waterfront: This one is a Broadway musical performed by Mickey Mouse and his friends. For this, you need to win the reserved seating tickets by the lottery held at Biglietteria. OR, if you plan to see the first show of the day then you can directly go to the theater, as the first performance does not require reserved tickets. Second show onwards, you can only watch if you win the tickets in lottery.
  2. Tower of Terror – American Waterfront: A great ride next to Big Band Beat. More than the ride, the pre-show is engaging. It tells you the story of the disappearance of Harrison Hightower III and the curse of Shiriki Utundu.DisneySea
  3. Journey to the Center of the Earth – Mysterious Island: This is my absolute must. I love this ride so much. It takes you to the center of the earth in a “Terravator”. It makes you experience light, sound, heat, tremors and all that you think happens under the crust of our planet.DisneySea
  4. 20,000 Leagues under the Sea – Mysterious Island: Again a great ride. As Journey to the Center of the Earth shows you what happens deep down under the earth’s crust, this one takes you on the journey to the deep oceans. This one is not a thrilling, fast paced ride; instead, it’s a slow experience inside the submarine that moves slowly showing you some treasures from under the sea.
  5. Mermaid Lagoon Theater – Mermaid Lagoon: Just as good as it can get for a theme park. If Big Band Beat is a Broadway; Mermaid Lagoon Theater in an aerial Broadway, if that exists. This show is spectacular, and it goes on for 14 minutes with Aerial and her troop giving amazing performances.
  6. Try different flavors of popcorn (caramel, black pepper, white chocolate, milk chocolate, salt, curry, cappuccino) ­ – my favorite is curry, located in front of Arabian Coast – and Disney-themed ice creams.
  7. Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull – Lost River Delta: A beautiful ride with an inviting and captivating exterior. It’s a grand ride with it’s moments of surprises through out the ride.DisneySea
  8. DisneySea Electric Railway (Port Discovery) and Venetian Gondolas (Mediterranean Harbor) – The electric railway takes you back in time to show you how the railways felt back then. The Venetian Gondolas are gorgeous to relax on after you’ve had a couple of rides/shows. I’d suggest taking these in the evening, near the sunset, that way you can relax from the running and queuing for while and enjoy the views while pretend you’re in the beautiful city of Venice.DisneySea
  9. Watch Fantasmic – Mediterranean Harbor: Fantasmic is a spectacular nighttime show that happens in the Mediterranean Harbor. It is truly grand and engaging beyond my words can describe. It has color, lights, illumination, animation, sound, music, story; basically everything you want in a grand show. As it takes place at night, it gives you time to relax from the hectic day and a way to end your day in a spectacular yet relaxing manner. I’d suggest pre-checking on the time for this and then planning accordingly so that you can grab a good spot for yourself from where you relax and experience this at the same time.DisneySea_7
  10. Meet and greet the Disney Characters – American Waterfront, Lost River Delta and Mermaid Lagoon: You can check for specific timings with any of the Disney staff available across the park and then greet and click pictures with the Disney characters of your choice.DisneySea
If you have been to Tokyo DisneySea or Disneyland, I'd love to hear what are your favourite activities and rides. Share your experiences with me if have been to any other Disney parks, I'd love to know. If you haven't, then I hope this list helps you in planning your day at Tokyo DisneySea. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

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  • Amy-Anne Williams

    Disneysea looks amazing! I’m hoping to go to Disneyland next month, and if it’s even half as good as the one in Tokyo I know I’m definitely going to have an incredible time!

    Little Moon Elephant

    • Hey Amy, which Disneyland are you going to? I have just been to the one in Tokyo, I wish to be able to go to others someday too 😀
      xx Aditi