Top Lipstick Picks You’ll Want to Add to Your Everyday Beauty Routine

Top Lipstick Picks You’ll Want to Add to Your Everyday Beauty Routine

Why do women wear lipstick? Because it’s a statement. It’s more than just a dab of color on your lips, more than pigment in a tube. A lipstick is, simply put, our signature. Each woman has her own perfect shade, her own little tool of beauty that gives her confidence and makes her feel like she can take on the world. It’s the color of our kisses, the picture we paint when we want to tell everyone who we are. Regardless of whether you’re a makeup junkie or a natural kind of gal who merely dabbles in makeup, lipstick is something that can take you far, and it’s time to find your perfect shade.

A good base before we begin

Top Lipstick Picks You’ll Want to Add to Your Everyday Beauty Routine


If you want a smooth application, you need to make sure your lips are soft and well nourished before you use lipstick. A simple lip scrub once or twice a week, and daily application of lip balm will help with that. You can make your own lip scrub by simply mixing sugar and some honey or olive oil and then gently rubbing your lips to remove the dry skin. Another good tip is to apply a very thick coat of petroleum jelly on your lips before you go bed. You’ll wake up with creamy soft lips.

Everyday nude lipstick

Top Lipstick Picks You’ll Want to Add to Your Everyday Beauty Routine


A good nude lipstick is essential for any woman. It’s great for the office, but it’s also a nice way to offset your smokey eyes for evening looks. Every person has their own perfect shade of nude, and it depends largely on your skin’s undertone. Find your perfect nude tone, and then try out Bobbi Brown’s Lip Color which has a nice, sheer formula that is perfect for daytime.

Alluring gloss

Top Lipstick Picks You’ll Want to Add to Your Everyday Beauty Routine


If you’ve seen Selena Gomez’s Fetish video, you saw those perfectly plump, innocent looking lips that drew signs from all around. For girls who love that natural kind of allure, a lip-gloss is the perfect way to go. Easy to apply, easy to touch up throughout the day, and it gives you a perfect way to make your lips look sexy, kissable and sweet. In the video, she’s wearing a lovely peachy gloss, and this shade works really well on a lot of skin tones because peach is so universally flattering. Purple Peach online retailer has some pretty great options when it comes to lip-gloss, so find something that will give you that lovely, delicious glow.

Statement red lipstick

Top Lipstick Picks You’ll Want to Add to Your Everyday Beauty Routine


Practically the complete opposite from the subdued innocence of the lip-gloss, red lipsticks are bold, naughty and seductive. Taylor Swift is a fan of red, and you can really tell by her latest single – Look What You Made Me Do. Pick a brick red for a slightly more everyday kind of red, but when you want to really keep everyone’s eye on you, go for a sexy vinyl red that will snatch people’s attention and make you into a real temptress. MAC’s Ruby Woo, Russian Red and Lady Danger are some classics that you should check out.


Vivid pink

Top Lipstick Picks You’ll Want to Add to Your Everyday Beauty Routine


Fun and bright, pink is the color that’s perfect for happy-go-lucky kind of girls, those who want their world to be filled with vivid imagery, romance, and fashion. Let your hair fall down your shoulders in wild curls, put on your pink lipstick, and add a dab of perfume behind your ears. You’ll be the perfect romance novel heroine, beautiful and light. Colourpop’s 1st Base and Solow are great options for wearable pinks or go with highball for something really vivid and bold.

Only for the style goddess

Top Lipstick Picks You’ll Want to Add to Your Everyday Beauty Routine


Okay, now we come to something only the brave can pull off. Dark or crazy colors such as green, gray, black and blue require you to coordinate the rest of your makeup and your outfit perfectly, but they can look so amazing if you have the confidence for them. Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks have a big shade range with some interesting options like Blue Blooded and Witches and they last all day and don’t feel drying on your lips. Think you can’t pull something like that off? Dark berry and burgundy shades some slightly safer options that still work well for a lot of people. However, we urge you to experiment and really push the limits. Just look at Kylie Jenner rocking a black lipstick and looking like a cool fashion diva.

Fill up your makeup bag with goodies, because lipsticks are fun, trendy, and they are an easy way to look good in under a minute. Keep your perfect shade with you at all times, and people will come to recognize it as something unique to you.

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Top Lipstick Picks You’ll Want to Add to Your Everyday Beauty Routine | Lipstick | Makeup  Top Lipstick Picks You’ll Want to Add to Your Everyday Beauty Routine | Lipstick | Makeup

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  • arra carrasco-odeza

    I love this!! I am a fan of lipstick especially the bold ones like red. It’s a must have for me since I have a dark lips though I don’t smoke. I’m putting lip balm now since my lips always chops and dry. I prefer matter and long lasting lipsticks so I don’t need to re apply

  • Lip stick galore! I’m a big fan of NYX products but I’m yet to try out their lip products. I tend to opt more for pinky, mauve and more nude shades and they have so much choice

  • Helen Clark

    I love this post so much! Red and nude lips are my go to colours, especially if they are a matte liquid lipstick. I would love to be brave enough to pull off the more daring colours.

  • Andrea Rodrigues

    Nude colors for me! I love my dior lipstick so much! it’s the perfect tone, and perfect for everyday life! I’ve tried red and pink, but a bit too much for me.

  • Tanya Finks

    Great post! I don’t really wear lipstick. If anything, I like a gloss. Usually in a honey tone. I have a hard time finding lipstick that I think looks good on my face. But maybe I’ll look into the nudes you mention. Thanks for sharing!

  • The Blonde Diary Channel

    Red is definitely my favorite lip color. As most people I’ve been obsessed with the matte lip creams lately. My favorite brand is Stila.


  • I’m a sucker for nude lipsticks! But lately I’ve been wearing a lot of red in office because I feel like it’s making me look mature.

  • Some great lipsticks here. I was never a lipstick person, but of recent I have been dipping my toe in, think i’ll go for a red soon.

  • Aditya Tiwari

    I did like the write up. But I am not sure which one is great. For me they all look great, but still I prefer red on most of women.

  • Star Harford

    I dont often use lipstick, mostly because my life of changing nappies and doing school runs doesnt call for it! I do however like the look of the nude shades you have used, I could definitely get away with them! I also bought a lip scrub last week so maybe I will try taking better care of my lips and see how it goes!

  • Oh, I really really love matte lipsticks that last me all day. Thank you so much for sharing these. Nude ones are the bomb!

  • Utminh

    I’ve always liked lipstick that looks natural and a bit faint. Wonderful. I like them very much!

  • For me I tend to wear nudes and browns as they tend to suit me the most and I agree that they are great for an everyday look. Plus they don’t smudge as much as a bold red lip! x

    • Although I really want to try some more crazy colours like blue and green as I feel that they would be so much fun to try! Don’t you think? x

  • Jennifer Sterbenz

    I’ve got one lipstick I’ve worn basically every day for a year. It’s so hard for me to break out after I get stuck in a routine! I’ve been into experimenting with nude and matte lipsticks recently though.

  • June Jewels

    I’m so excited to realize I already have all of these lipstick colors because my favorite lip color changes all the time. I have weeks where I wear almost only red lips and then it will be nude for some time. I’m weird like that haha

  • Simply Apostolia

    This revlon gloss is my daily lipstick! Seriously i wear it everywhere! Well, I love the red ones too, but now that it’s fall i prefer my lips to look nourished! Definately doing lip scrub before applying any kind of lipstick, or well just in my morning routine…Loved this post! I want them all!!!!

  • maag

    I luv luv lipstick the only thing I wear at all times…I luv buxom, mac ruby woo, and stilla inferno.

  • Rhiannon-Skye Boden

    I only ever wear dusty rose colours or statement red, but you’re right: there’s no beating the Christian Dior reds!

  • Joline

    The perfect nude lipstick still eludes me! I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the hunt though 🙂 These are great options!

  • Laura Dove

    I don’t wear lipstick but I do love a lip gloss! The hot pink is a little daring for me but I might brave it!

  • Jhilmil Bhansali

    Honestly, I use lipstick only during ceremonies, but here I love this nude lipstick so much. I don’t have a good collection, but for sure shall get this nude one and use it.

  • Claire Lee

    I always find nude lipstick gorgeous, but most of the time, I wear red lipstick! Haha, I need to try nude, but I feel like it doesn’t look good on me!

  • TheMummyToolbox

    I love a nude lipstick, depending on your outfit it can come across as understated or make an impact with evening wear!

  • Kai Digger_Digg

    These lipstick ideas looks great, i really don’t relate to this post but i share this with my sis and i think she might find it helpful 🙂

  • Christine Ann Dela Cruz

    I do really like lipstick. I want a nude color and the statement red lipstick. It looks so chic and fab

  • Melanie May

    I love lipgloss and I wear it everyday. I have one red lipstick but it doesn’t suit me but I have never tried a nude lipstick and I do love Bobby Brown products so I might go have a look at the ones you recommended. Thanks.

  • Michelle Richardson

    Great share! I was just thinking I need some new lip shades!

  • Our Family World

    I like the “no make up” make up look so I prefer natural shades. Nude colored lipstick is always my first choice. It is perfect for my skin tone. I would love to try using really daring red lipstick but I don’t have the confidence yet. Maybe next year? LOL.

  • Alison Rost

    I’m loving the red! It’s a color not everyone can pull off and it always reminds me of my Granny. She wouldn’t leave the house unless she had her lipstick on. Curlers in her hair? No worries. Red lipstick? Non-negotiable! x

  • David Elliott

    Thanks for the good mix of different color lipsticks to look at. I can imagine how difficult it would be to match the darker colors though.

  • I never was a major lipstick person, but of lately I have been loving reds and nudes, i even like to mix nude with a red.

  • I wear lipstick every day now because it’s the only thing that stops me from picking at my lips (nervous habit I’ve had since I was a child). Its important to start with that base though. Sugar scrubs are amazing followed up with lip balm and lip liner to stop the feathering!

  • Kallia Manika

    I am the nude lipstick and brown lipstick queen haha! I love them so much and I am also obsessed with a good Lancome red lisptick as well! Great options!

  • Neha Kulshrestha

    I am a lip gloss person. i would put on lipsticks only for parties or special occasions.
    But thanks for sharing all the options.

    Safarnama @

  • I don’t really wear lipstick or lipgloss that often 🙁 but I love some of the shades you’ve included here, especially the matte ones x

  • I love these colours although I am not much of a lipstick wearer. I prefer lip gloss. When I do wear lipstick I go for wine red as my favourite colour.

  • Elena Stevkovska

    I love nude colors but hey do not look so good on me so for that reason I always pick a pink shade.

  • I can’t get enough of lipsticks. I’m in the need for a good gloss. Your recommendations look awesome!