Valentine Week: First Snow in Tokyo

Fotor021218598Hi my loves! What more one can ask for in the week of love? I know it's a bit of exaggeration when it comes to Valentine's, but I just love the kind of vibe that is around us everywhere at this time of the year. You see loads of reds at almost all the public areas, shops decorated in flowers and hearts, special offers and what not. But to us it came as the biggest and the best V-week ever, in addition to the man-made decor, nature itself went on decorating the start of the week...yay!! It was a Saturday morning, who cares to wake up early...duh?? With my one eye closed I searched for my phone and started fiddling with it to check the weather of the day, and my second eye opened and almost popped out of the socket when I saw "Light snow today." I rushed to my balcony and as soon as I raised the curtain I couldn't control my excitement and I SHOUTED...:D Mr. Hubby came rushing like something happened...of course it did. Everything outside was like it was never before. All the trees, cars, streets, everything was snow-capped. It was so mesmerizing for both of us as this was the first time we experienced snow. I could surely feel God is also trying to do His bit in decorating 🙂 It felt like some kid inside me has just shown up, I couldn't stop myself from playing with the kids in my neighborhood...haha!! This year it was heavy snowfall in Tokyo, normally it is very light snow here. There was snow storm this time. As soon as the day got over the snowfall also stopped, and when I checked the weather, it said bright sunny day for the next day...:( Nevertheless, we enjoyed it thoroughly! 1212 What did you guys do in the weekend or what are your plans for the V-week? Do share in the comments below if you read or experienced something that you can connect to, have a great week ahead! Love, AS