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Van Houten
Today I am sharing van Houten Cocoa Bar in Harajuku. van Houten is a renowned name in the history of cocoa and when you know there is a cafe by his name you visit it with your bestie. πŸ™‚ Van Houten_1 van Houten Cocoa Bar is located just next to Jonathan's (near Meijijingumae Station exit). It has opened for a short period from January 10, 2015 to March 22, 2015 so we were really eager to go and check it out. As you can imagine with limited time cafes, they are always flooded with people. We went on a weekday afternoon and still it was a task to find a table and then and be in a queue for order, but we got lucky as the table on which we had our eyes on got free relatively quick. Van Houten_3 Van Houten_2 March_Van Houten Cocoa I opted for Ginger Cocoa and my friend got Iced Cocoa along with chiffon cake with cream and ice-cream. I was actually clueless about what I ordered but I was sure that I will like it as anything ginger is of my liking...:p But when we actually got our drinks, we were so glad that we visited that cafe. They were great, specially because it's not very common that we find so many variety in cocoa, at least I never found. Van Houten_4 Overall, it was a great experience. If you live in Tokyo and are fond of cocoa, you should definitely check this place. Also, remember to go there soon as it is open only until 22nd of this month. Will you be visiting van Houten Cocoa Bar? Do you like cocoa? Any recommendations for lovely cafes in Tokyo? Share in the comments!

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  • Preeti

    Yes, I have visited it with my bestie πŸ™‚ a wonderful experience indeed.

    • Aditi

      Hahaha…you made my day darling! It was a lovely experience with my bestie… πŸ˜€