White’s Day in Japan

White's Day
OB_12_14 Image from Texan in Tokyo Hi everyone! Hope you had a fantastic weekend! We spent our day relaxing and lazing out at home as the previous week was quite busy for both of us. I went out to meet a friend and was amazed with all the shops decorated with pretty pieces for White's Day with special collections and stuff, especially at the bakeries and chocolate shops. Wait, when and what is White's Day? In China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan every 14th March (1 month after Valentine's day) is observed as White's Day. In Japan, Valentine's day is meant for men to receive gifts from women and White's day is meant for women to receive return gifts from the respective men. Cute, isn't it? Why is it called 'White's Day'? Umm, because mostly the gifts given are white is colour, like white chocolate, marshmallows, white lingerie, etc. I really like this concept, it's a great way to show your love and return the favour, isn't it? You can read more about it here. Have you ever heard of White's Day? Did you receive gift on White Day? Hope you had a great weekend and a happy White's Day!

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