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Winter Night Market

Winter Night Market | Melbourne

Yet again, Melbourne has been awarded as the most liveable city in the world, the seventh time in a row. What makes it so good that year after year this city has been able to secure its spot? The city has great infrastructure, great climate, great schools, and to keep its lively spirit going – great events continue to procure their places throughout the year.

One such event is the Winter Night Market of Melbourne. Winter can be long and dreary in Melbourne (at least for summer babies like me) but the Winter Night Market makes sure that Wednesday nights throughout the winter are warm and comfy. As dusk hits the edge of the city’s skyline, the decades’ old Queen Victoria Market converts into a thrilling experience waiting for you to devour it. The exhibit is filled with fascinating live music, slavering food stalls from over 25 countries, cold beers and warm buttered lemonades, illuminating lights, silent discos, global merchandise stalls, and so much more.

Winter Night Market

This year, the dates for this exhilarating market are from 7th Jun to 4th October. During these months, Winter Night Market takes place every Wednesday at the Queen Victoria Market from 5 pm to 10 pm. I got to visit the Winter Night Market a few days back and it was nothing short of an enthralling experience. I made sure I had my camera ready with me to capture the vibes of this place so I can share it all with you, my lovely readers.

One more thing that adds to Melbourne’s upkeep is the provision of free trams within the CBD (central business district). It saves you huge bucks while giving you the liberty to explore the city at your pace. Queen Victoria Market is located within the free tram zone; thus, making the whole experience even better. Once I alighted my free tram at the Elizabeth Street Stop 7, I walked for about 3 minutes to reach the façade of the Winter Night Market. It was gleaming with neon lights and invited me to experience this saga of food, drinks, lights, and fun.

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As soon as I entered, I could see a huge area that looks like a shed, bustling with people. Everyone standing in queues in front of their favorite food stalls waiting to get their tummies filled up. I wandered between various aisles and made my first stop at this Hot Buttered Lemonade stall by ‘Those Girls’. I’m always up for anything warm on a cold night so this seemed apt for the moment. Since I had never heard or tried this before I was quite intrigued and excited as well. I have to admit, I loved it.

Winter Night Market


Winter Night Market


Next stop of the night was this live cheese fondue stall that looked and smelled too good to be missed. I’m not a huge fan of cheese but I guess that’s when winter plays its role; anything warm – bring it on. It was finished before I could click a picture.


Winter Night Market


Winter Night Market


This stall called ‘The Soup Factory’ was probably one of the most famous and busiest stalls in the whole market. On sale were warm and flavorsome soups (vegetarian as well) served in hearty bread bowls, does that sound like winter to you? It does to me. I went for the lentil soup - seasoned with so many spices - that tasted super delicious.


Winter Night Market

Winter Night Market


Winter Night Market


There were so many other things and activities to do in the Winter Night Market apart from food. There were numerous stores selling merchandise, some of the best handmade soaps and candle, paintings, and the like. You could also indulge in a turn of Jenga or chess with your friends or groove at the beats of the silent disco.

Take a look at the photographs I clicked that evening, which shows how my evening was spent.


Winter Night Market


Winter Night Market


Winter Night Market


Winter Night Market


Winter Night Market


Winter Night Market


Winter Night Market


When and How to Reach Winter Night Market

Access: Take the 19, 57 or 59 to Stop 7, Elizabeth St or Tram 58 to Stop 9, Peel St. OR 7 min walk from Melbourne Central station.

Address: Queen St. & Therry St. Melbourne VIC 3000

Timings: 5 pm to 10 pm

Day open: 7th June to 4th October; Wednesdays only

Tip: Carry some cash as some stalls will not accept cards.

 ATM: ATMs are available but there always seems to be a huge queue, so it's better that you get cash from an ATM that at some other location or be prepared to spend some time in queue (less if you are lucky).

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Winter Night Market

Finally, my time at the Winter Night Market came to an end and I came back home with a million memories and a bunch of pictures. Have you ever been to Winter Night Market? Do you have something similar to share with me in the comments? I’d love reading your stories.


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  • Aditi


  • Star Harford

    This market sounds delicious and really exciting! Ive never heard of hot buttered lemonade in my life, it sounds interesting!

  • Natalie Walsh

    The market sounds great and a must visit. I like markets which character. I have always wanted to visit Melbourne and now have new reasons too

  • Neha Kulshrestha

    what a great way to spend your winter time…and the place seems so exciting and much to offer that you won’t get bored..There seems to be a great variety of food..not heard of hot lemonade, so googled it..very interesting..might try it.. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your experience..

  • Joline

    This is right up my alley! So many interesting things! Wintertime here usually means we’re indoors most nights because it’s too cold and dreary to be out. But if we had something like this, I’d totally brave the windchill!

  • I am so glad to hear that there were so many veggie options and I love the sound of the lentil soup that you went for. Aren’t night markets the best x

  • Alicia Trautwein

    Looks like a really great place to go! I have never heard of hot buttered lemonade, but I would definitely be intrigued as well.

    • Ooh. I always love to try new things as well so I really love the sound of hot buttered lemonade that sounds absolutely delicious x

  • Laura Dove

    Oh I love the sound of this! So many great food options, it all looks amazing! I’d love to go to Melbourne!

  • Wow this winter Market has so many various food options. Food lovers will love this place. As an art enthusiast I would love to explore all handmade stuff in this market. Thanks for sharing!

  • zina

    I am in love with this kind of flea markets! You are so lucky!

  • I love street food markets but they are so rare in Europe, where I live. I would love to go to Melbourne and experience all those amazing foods and then browse around all those handmade goodies.

  • Odette Johaar

    I love markets but I’ve never been to a night one before. This night market looks so interesting. It’s also pretty cool that you’re able to get free trams to attend.

  • Laina Turner

    I went to Australia this past summer and loved it. Melbourne is on my list and trying to convince my friend we need to go there next year:)

  • Familyearthtrek

    This is something I would be intressted of going! Silence disco! Why not on a wednesday evening, a little exercise after delicious food from the market!

  • Jen S

    I always get oddly excited when I find giant jenga haha. The atmosphere looks great! I didn’t know Melbourne was considered the most livable city in the world, although I have always considered it a good place to visit one day.

  • Cătălina-Iuliana Nini

    I never been to a Winter Night Market. Melbourne is always a good idea and the pictures are sending this vibe.

  • Britt Ludington

    I have never been to Melbourne. But if I ever do come, I will have to check this out. It sounds like so much fun. I love food. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jhilmil Bhansali

    Cool, Seems so much fun and treating your taste buds at the night with some delicious cuisine. Shall try when I visit Melbourne !

  • Mayuri Saxena

    Wow! You made me yearn for winters. Its still 3 months for winters to arrive. I love winter markets and carnivals. 🙂

  • Aareeba Mohammed

    This looks so cool, I love winter too and I wish I had such nights at my place

  • arra carrasco-odeza

    the night market looks nice. I love night market because there are lots of different foods. I wish we have that in our town

  • I love night markets, the food is always so tasty looking. I find it so bizarre thinking it’s winter in some places now x

  • Calleigh -The Fork Bite

    I love night markets, because of its cheap food stalls, boutiques, second-hand clothing and live music with roving entertainment and most of all, the great vibes. It’s also a perfect place to hang out after the daily grind at work.

  • I have been to a Winter Night Market before a few years ago. It was in Birmingham. I didn’t buy anything but I enjoyed the Christmas vibe.

  • Oh wow! This looks so much fun! I’ve not been to a Winter Night Market but I’d love to. I look very the idea of the sweet Wintery treats and the Mulled Wine all cozy and with all the lights. Great thing to do with loved ones.

  • Melanie Edjourian

    This looks great. I have to try and go to a winter nigh market as I have yet to go but it seems you can get some great items and some yummy foods.

  • Elena Stevkovska

    This looks amazing. I have never been to Winter Night Market before but I would love to. If it happens to be in Melbourne, the better.

  • Wow the Winter Night Market looks absolutely incredible, you had me at soup in a bread bowl. yum! We have something similar where I’m from where there is a ton of food booths and vendors selling these amazing concoctions. IT’s always a blast.

  • Mary Welby

    I love Melbourne! I haven’t been since I was teenager, but I had such an amazing experience. I didn’t get to see the night market but I definitely need to go back for this!

  • I can’t believe how cool the Winter Night Market looks! Love all of the overhead lights and, of course the food! But yet, I’m the biggest sucker ever when it comes to street food. Yum! x

  • Kallia Manika

    Oh, the market place looks so cozy and pretty! Like, it looks like a really cute idea for a date! I saw a lot of the art aspect and for someone like me, I would be very interested and would love to see more of it!

  • Prateek Goel

    I never heard about winter night market before. It looks so real, cozy and photographic place to visit. Your photography is really great. Those hand made products are best.

  • Alok Rana

    I never been to Melbourne but I have heard about it from some of my friends. This winter night market looks amazing. If I ever gonna visit Melbourne this will be in my visiting list. Thanks

  • David Elliott

    This kind of reminds me of the summer fairs that we have here. The food looks amazing and I love all of the different art that you have here.

  • Claire Santiago

    If I was there I would have probably spent most of my time at The Soup Factory. I just love soups at any time of the day, whether on a hot summer nights or on a cold winter mornings. How I wished to visit Melbourne one day, I do believe too that it is one of the greatest cities in the world.

  • Cassandra R

    WOW Melbourne is such a beautiful city! It looks so relaxing over there. I’m currently saving up to try and travel more. I’d visit for the food alone – I can’t believe they have a soup factory over there!

  • Claire Lee

    It looks so fun!! I wish we had those things here in Houston. I love night markets and trying out new food. Plus, it looks cozy at night with lights !


    Ahhh I literally love everything winter because it means Christmas is close! I’ve never heard about Night Markets though haha, thought it will be about a Christmas Market! Wish we had this here. Good post also 🙂

  • Angela Milnes

    This looks awesome. I love the night time markets and have been to melbourne once. A night market sounds fun!

  • I love a good night market. That is when food is served best.

  • Sreekar Harinatha

    No a bad way to spend a cold night! Play Zenga, hot soups to savour and then drool on the pastries! So many things to do in Melbourne, the hard part is choosing which!

  • Melbourne sounds amazing and this Winter Night Market looks like so much fun! The food pics definitely made my mouth water like crazy haha.