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Look Book_Work to dinner

I rarely do look book kind of posts where I share stories about my outfits and transforming them to another looks. There are times when I go for dinners or random coffee dates after work with my girlfriends and find myself struggling to look venue-appropriate. My work doesn't allow me to accessorize much with my looks so at times it becomes really formal an affair, and you know when you are meeting your girls the last look you want is formal. So today I thought I will share how I recently transformed my look from work to dinner.

Look Book_Work to dinner

I go to the office in a rather boring outfit -plain old shirt and trousers - so it's even more important to glam it up for the evening.

Look Book_Work to dinner

Look Book_Work to dinner

Look Book_Work to dinner


5 Products to Transform Your Look From Work to Dinner

For this transformation, I just carried a couple of extras (count 5) in my bag. So if you trying to enhance your look to make it evening appropriate, then check out the following everyday products that you can carry to turn around your look.

A bright lipstick, My pick: MAC Lady Danger

Believe it or not, a bright and bold lipstick has the potential to intensify your look with just one product and make you evening ready.

Eyeliner, My pick: Lakme Eyeconic Brown Kajal

I usually don't wear eyeliner. For my everyday look, especially for my eyes, I just use some kohl on my waterline and then mascara, that's it (of course I wear foundation and lipstick and all that jazz 😉 ). But this little thingy is a great option to add some definition to those tired eyes from the long day at work.

Concealer, My pick: Revlon Colorstay Concealer

I have many acne scars and hyper pigmentation on my face, which sometimes gets more visible by the end of the day. So to keep things fresh and nice I always carry this concealer in my bag, for touch ups here and there.

A pretty necklace, My pick: a silver piece that I also wore in this post here

Now, this is one thing that is your personal choice - bold / delicate / statement / regular. It really perks up your whole look and at times it's a major component to transform your look.

A complimenting earring, My pick:  also a pair of silver studs

To prevent my look from looking over done, I added a pair of silver studs. These balanced the statement necklace and helped in keeping everything in sync.

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Look Book_Work to dinner

Look Book_Work to dinner

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Look Book_Work to dinner

Look Book_Work to dinner

Look Book_Work to dinner


Shirt: Van Heusen (regular white shirt)
 Trousers: Uniqlo Japan
 Shoes: Some store in India
 Bag: Kate Spade Southport Avenue Carmen
 Watch: Michael Kors
 Shades: Sunglasses Shop (review here)
 Jewellery: H&M

 Foundation: Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+ in shade 40
 Concealer: Revlon Colorstay
 Setting Powder: MAC Prep + Prime Loose Translucent Powder
 Mascara: Maybelline Sensational
 Lipstick: Lancome - Corail Me in 132M
 Everything same except
 Lipstick: MAC Lady Danger
 Eyeliner: Lakme Eyeconic Brown Kajal

Photography: Thanks to my dear friend Preeti from Culture & Clutter. 🙂

That's all and you are ready for a dinner out with girls or anyone for that matter. I hope you liked this post, share your views in the comment section with me. What is your go to way of transforming your look from work to dinner?

Would you like to see more such posts in the future? Let me know what kind of posts you would like to see more, I'll love to work on them.

As always, thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!


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  • Preeti

    such a great post Aditi ..
    loved the neck piece
    and clicking you is always my pleasure 🙂

    • Awe, thanks Preeti! I am thankful to you for such pretty pictures! ? xx

  • Pankhuri

    Loved both of your looks Aditi… you look lovely and MAC Lady Danger is an amazing choice 🙂

    • Thanks sweetie! MAC Lady Danger has been a saviour so many times ?

  • Love this simple and sophisticated outfit…. A white button down shirt never fails to look good! It’s perfect for office and girls’ night out, U can just wear it anywhere!

    • So true Qazi, it’s one piece that I always think of whenever multitasking is needed! 😀

      xx Aditi

  • Loved the transformation! And I really like the trousers. I have been hearing a lot about this brand in the bloggerverse recently. Is it actually good?


    • Uniqlo is one of my favourite brands when it comes to quality clothing. Sometimes, you won’t find overtly fashionable and in trend pieces but classics are always in store.